So awkward

I was having 3 friends over for a sleepover and one of them went to the bathroom and came back saying "Oh my god Meghan, Your parents are banging", I was like "Oh my god...What?", She said she could hear them and everyone started giggling.
Of course everyone snuck out of my room to listen and I was like "Oh my god you guys, lets go back to my room", One of them said something about whether or not they had their blinds closed and then it turned into sneaking out of my room to go peek. I know, super weird but we peeked, the blinds were closed most of the way but you could see under them and we were all hiding in the back yard peeking in my parents window.
So weird but honestly hard to look away and apparently my parents are kind of freaky, My friends and I watched mom jerking off my dad and then sucking him and then they did the sixty nine and my friends were all giggling about how big his you know what is until they seen my mom deep throat it then that's all they talked about, I didn't watch them bang but when my friend went "Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god" I looked and watched him come on her b**** and stomach.
So weird sneaking back into my room and listening to my friends talk about how big my dad's p**** is all night until we all fell asleep.

Oct 22, 2019

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  • Do you find yourself wish your dad was banging you now?

  • That sounds pretty traumatizing. I get that it may have peeked a considerable interest, for we all have this primal instinct for copulation, but seeing something like that would cause me to resent my parents. This very thing is what happened when I found out (in very much the same sneaky way you did) that my mother was committing adultery. It's something that you should never see, like seeing your parents cry. Even though I was almost out of highschool then, it really pained me to know this fact. It will likely be the same for you. You will think differently of your parents. You light lose respect. But the good news is that most of the emotions fade away with time and considerable effort in pursuing other passions of greater interest in your life. Also, the ample details given in your post lead me to believe you have this image of them plastered in your mind. Not a pleasant memory I suppose

  • Not even remotely the same, It was just my mom and dad, No one was cheating.

  • Sigh

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