That got weird fast

I was messing around with my boyfriend and his friend, His friend walked in on my boyfriend giving me a massage, I was laying face down so didn't really care, My boyfriend was massaging my back and then he slid down and I knew he was letting his friend see my bum in my thong but whatever, His friend was talking to him and then they started messing around and his friend smacked my bum, Then he started letting his friend rub my back and he was touching the sides of my b**** and stuff, I have kind of big b**** so they were squishing out to the sides.
My boyfriend stood up and his friend straddled me and sat on my legs massaging my back then worked his way down to my bum, He massaged it a bit and i felt him pull my thong to the side, I was pretending not to be getting too into it but I was getting pretty excited, My boyfriend knelt beside the bed and started kissing me and his friend slid one finger in me, My boyfriend started asking if I liked it and I nodded I felt his friend stand up and sit back down and I could tell he had his pants off, I could feel his p**** on my bum and he started sliding it back and forth in my bum crack as he fingered me.
My boyfriend stood up and dropped his pants and I started sucking him, His friend pressed his p**** between my legs and I was wet enough that with a little work he slid it into me, I moaned as it slid in because he is pretty big, my boyfriend kept asking if I was liking it and I kept nodding. My boyfriend was smacking my bum as I sucked him and his friend was doing me. They switched places and I started sucking his friend as my boyfriend started doing me.
My boyfriend was laying right on top of me and watching me suck his friend right up close and talking dirty to me about how big his d*** looked in my mouth and stuff and I was actually liking the talking until his friend said he was going to come and then my boyfriend got carried away. His friend said he was going to come and my boyfriend grabbed my hair with one hand and grabbed his friends d*** with the other and started trying to shove it further in my mouth, His friend started coming and he was ramming my head forward and shoving his friends d*** in my mouth making me gag and saying mean things to me.
He was stroking his friends d*** and telling to swallow like a dirty w**** and telling me to do better and s*** like that, His friend eventually slapped his hand off his d*** and said dude f*** off and then my boyfriend pulled out and sat on my back coming on the side of my face while he held me down. I started crying and when he got off me I went to the bathroom and showered then stayed there until I heard his friend leave which was a long time, When I came out we had a long talk about how he treated me and about him touching other guys d****...Like WTF!!!

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  • 1st world problems...

  • Dude go cry a river.. she isn't a w****, but what is really a fact is that her bf is a sorry exuse for human s*** with the siloutte of a human being.. his friend isn't alot more then that.. f****** like that in p*** is ok as long you know what will gonna happen, but if you don't and no cameras are rolling.. well, i am ashamed for being a dude right now but you have been hatefucked, and should leave your bf right away because i guess this is only the start of a very abusive relationship.. run now

  • Beta male cuck

  • You are a w****

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