I have to confess, I might be a bad Dad

Hi out there. I'm Klaus and I'm from Germany. I love this platform and read a lot here.

I have something to think about a lot at the moment. We have a daughter and she is 12 yet. She slowly develops and with it the curiousity for boys develops too. There are some boys, she's meeting (i don't think of dates!) but when I have seen her with a boy, in the evening when I'm in bed, i think about the boy putting his boycock in her. I don't want to think so but I do. Am I alone with that or are there other dads with similar thoughts?

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  • Get her drunk thin kiss her thin if she will do her

  • Ich habe mich lange mit Sexualität befasst und mit den extremsten Umgangsformen die es überhaupt gibt. Nein, das ist absolut nicht normal. Du brauchst dir nur Vorstellen, dass die meisten Menschen nicht einmal masturbieren. Diese ganze Sexualität wird sehr von P****-Firmen gepusht in den Medien und Filmen und sogar in manche Studien. Du bist kein böser Mensch nur der Staat und die meisten Menschen helfen dir leider nicht. Man wird leider kaum über sexuelle Moral aufgeklärt. Die beste Lösung um zu wissen ob etwas falsch ist, ist einfach ob man es in der Öffentlichkeit Menschen erzählen wurde. Du müsstes für einen Monat immer dir selber sagst wie widerwertig das ist, somit programmierst dein Gehirn darauf und alle diese Gedanken vergehen. Nachher wärst du ein super Vater und eine sehr gerechte moralische Person
    Viel Glück Klaus

  • You might as well face it, your daughter will become sexually active eventually. You &/or her mother should teach her the Facts of Life soon and be prepared. Our daughter was 16 when her mother got Birth Control for her.
    She never had an unplanned pregnancy and grew up to be a happy wife and mother.

  • No you are not alone. My daughter is 14 and I think about her sexually. I would love to get my daughter in bed.

  • I think most men would agree. No problem.

  • Oh the thought of a h**** young teen in a school uniform lol

  • Totally hot!!!!

  • OP: Hi, here in germany don't exist school uniforms. anyone wears what she (or he) likes. But that might sometimes (summer) even hotter!

  • Taking off her soft little cotton knickers, her bald p**** underneath just waiting to be licked, lovely wet, warm mouth looking for something to suck......love em young!

  • How long have u bin looking at your daughters and wanted there c****

  • OP: Oh sorry, I did not mean that. I think about the boys and their c**** and if they put them in my daughter

  • If they don't then u should nothing feels nicer than your daughters p****

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