Me, my wife and my sister in love

I'm a guy 38, and my wife and wmy sister Sarah and her boyfriend Bobby went away for a long weekend.

We all got completely drunk, and my wife Jean started given my sister boyfriend Bobby a lap dance. The two of them had been flirting all day. I saw my wife feel his c*** in the pool. But I was cool as we have an open marriage.

She had his c*** out and just got on top and started riding him.

My wife look at me and sis, and said " l want to see you two f***. Bobby didn't care as he was being riden hard.

Sarah started kissing me and I pulled her on top of me and was in her. My c*** is much bigger than Bobby's. I could see it hurt, but she rode me like a mad woman.

The four of us f***** for a half hour, Sarah and i finished on the bed with me on top. She saw I was going to c** and said inside me, inside me. I came in her and I felt Sarah having a squirting o******.

Jean had been watching and saw how we came Boddy came in my wife.

We all collapsed exhausted. A few minutes later Bobby got up staggered to the toilet threw up and passed out.

I got up to pee and cover Bobby with a blanket. When I got back to bed, Jean was sit on the bed in front of Sarah. And moved her p**** to her, Sarah said Please, I don't want to. But Jean said clean your man's c** from my p****.

Sarah closed her eye and started licking. I get front of Jean and she blew me and swallowed my c**. Jean came from Sarah's oral.

The next morning we all were a wreak. Bobby was a d***, and p***** Sarah and I had s** and she squirted. It had never happened with him.

A week after we got back they broke up. And a month later Sarah came to us and said she was pregnant.

When the baby was born, it was tested and it is mine. Sarah lives with us now and we all love and make love to each other.

Jean got pregnant a month after Sarah.

Oct 22, 2019

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  • That's hot and awesome of you to f*** your sister. Wish I had a hot sister.

  • I've always wanted to have s** with my sister. Still haven't given up hope.

  • I would love that

  • And you now have double support for evermore to 2 kids and 2 women.

  • Great story!

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