A friend of mine did something I didn't like

I was at Sears and they had a nice 30 cal carbine for sale. He was with me and I said when I got home I was going to get the money to buy the weapon. It was perfect for home defense or plinking.

My friend bought the damn thing himself. He knew I wanted it and he bought the damn thing anyway. That gun was the only one they had in stock. Had someone I didn't know bought it it wouldn't have bothered me but my friend bought the damn thing knowing I wanted the damn thing.

Ok about two years later someone broke into his house and some a****** had stolen that gun along with his Grandfathers shotgun and jewelry.

A sad ending to this tale of mine.



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  • What did you do with the shotgun?

  • Soooo, YOU are a s***** friend. Good to know.

  • Dumb yanks

  • Says the w***** who's country has more than likely received support from us yanks.

  • And we'll from here forward call you karma.
    I'm not saying you did it but know I understand! Wink. Wink!

  • Repost. Boring one too

  • Damn Americans and your stupid obsession with firearms

  • Fuck you eurocunt.

  • Cunts r useful redneck yanks aren't

  • Damn foreigners who have been saved by us Americans and our firearms.
    You don't like guns, that's fine, DON'T COME HERE.

  • Instead of spending billions to invade countries and enforce American beliefs on them would it not make more sense to take that money and help the people, educate them , give them some way of supporting their family, not for one second do I condone terrorism , drug dealing etc. but if I saw my child dying in my arms because I couldn't afford a dollar a day for medicine to make him/her better trust me in a heartbeat I would kill too and if you are honest so would you

  • We don't go there, you c**** come here and you never leave, like the worlds rudest party guest

  • 9/11 was awesome let's hope more happen

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