Exhibitionist young wife.

Since high school, I have enjoyed sharing my girlfriends. In college, my fiance' , Anne moved in with me and two frat mates and we had a coed bachelor pad. It was a turn-on when Anne went nude in front of my buddies.
After we married, our first apartment was an attic with an outside stair entrance. One morning, a 30ish door-to-door Lingerie Salesman walked into our living room. He thought there would be an inner door and apologized. No problem; and I began perusing his catalog. I had a fetish for Lingerie and became aroused.
Just then, my 20-year old bride came out of the shower totally naked. Anne was used to being naked in front of my friends and, instead of leaving or covering, she came to check out his catalog, still naked.
I was surprised, but realized showing my wife was one of my Fantasies, so I said nothing. She liked a Baby Doll nighty, so I ordered it.
After he left, Anne giggled and said, "Did you see his eyes? He kept looking Down There". Anne had small mammaries and preferred showing her hirsute mons. Then, "Who was that?"
"I never saw him before", I confessed.
She was aghast, "You mean you let a total stranger see me naked?"
"Yep. Who did you think it was?"
"I thought it was a frat mate of yours", she gasped. "Why didn't you say something."
"I thought it was sexy and fun. Do you mind?"
"I don't mind if you don't", she confessed.
When the Salesman delivered the Baby Doll next week, I asked Anne to model it for us. She changed in the bedroom then paraded in front of me and the Salesman. Anne was of Gypsy descent and her dark areolae showed plainly through the sheer fabric. No panties were included with the Baby Doll and Anne lifted the front to show the Sales guy a close, lingering, up-skirt view. I almost came in my pants. Anne and I had great six after she showed.
Each week, I ordered more sheer lingerie and Anne would strut, spin and show her body to the salesman, John while I watched.
John said we were his best customer and we became friends. Anne would serve drinks and chat with him during each modeling session.
I couldn't afford more lingerie but, with Anne's permission, John continued to visit and loan Anne lingerie samples to model. She dispensed with going to the bedroom and saved time by changing in front of us. When John helped Anne change and fit bras, he often copped a feel, but Anne never objected. I usually sat across the room and fondled myself while watching Anne flirt and model with John..
Our new Hobby was borne and the Rest is History.

Oct 23, 2019

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  • I would luv to see pics daviddalley408@gmail.com i will send pics back of my wife

  • I had to force my wife to comply. I was making her wear miniskirts. Luckily she came from a good church family. We were at dinner at her parents early on and started up a conversation about how I was forcing her to be immodest. She was hoping for her parents to side with her. It even amazed me when her mother said words to the effect of "dear daughter, first and foremost you should look to your husband for guidance and direction".

  • It is exciting to me as well when my wife is naked in front of friends. Heck I want her to be seen in person by everyone. She is only comfortable with its a certain circle of our friends. If its a beach or naked resort she will be the 1st one undressed.

  • I feel the same. I coax my wife to show more skin, but she has only bared her b****** a few times playing Strip Poker with two couples we know well.
    Then we went kayaking with them to an area of flooded sand dunes which turned out to be an unofficial clothing optional area. It was a hot, sunny weekends and we guys coaxed our wives to go topless for three days. Other couples nearby were going topless, so ours did too. In fact, they became so blase' they didn't even cover when non-nude men cruised close to gawk from boats. This was arousing and fun for me.
    But the best time was at the end of our weekend when we paddled back to the public boat ramp to pack up. My wife was so used to being topless, she forgot to put her bikini top back on. She was hauling gear from the beach to our van and wondered why two teen boys we didn't even know, were helping her. They carried several bags of gear for her before she realized her completely bare mammaries were showing. Then she was angry with me for not saying anything. But it was a thrill and worth it.
    She has since forgiven me and even become more relaxed about showing more cleavage at the beach.

  • I would like to talk to your wife, is she there now?!

  • Sorry, I'm posting events from my past. My wife passed away 14 years ago.

  • Sorry for that guy

  • My gorgeous little bride loves showing off what panties she's got on. It seems that with ed every glass of wine parts her legs a little more. It's not like she doesn't show off when she's not drinking. It gets me so jealously excited!

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