I use to work with a women named Stephanie. From day 1 I found her attractive but never acted on the matter because we are both married. Long story short I thought we were friend....until she screwed me out of a promotion by talking about me behind my back, plus I am pretty sure she was sleeping with the Superintendent. So 1 night while I was drunk I went by her apartment and I was going to tell her off, but I noticed a gap in some curtins so I took a look. Turns out it was her and the hubbies bedroom and her and him were having s**. I took out my phone and took some pics, but they sucked you couldn't see a damn thing. I came back the next night with a camera that I had borrowed from a friend. It's a damn good thing their neighborhood is dead because I waited for an hour before she finally made an appearance. She started getting ready for bed and I started snapping away this time however I got excellent pictures. I then posted the pics online on several sites and sure enough within a month people we work with found out, some of the guys were even sharing them, lol! She quit a few months later saying "The stress was too much for her". And I was the promoted. :)

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  • Damn Dude I'm pretty sure you broke a few Laws, lucky you didn't get caught.

  • I love it!

  • Soo funny tbh she deserved it

  • Congratulations you're a douchebag! The only reason you got promoted was because she left. You will always be second best.

  • Learn to spell.

  • Way to break the law. I hope she finds out and you get arrested and lose your job.

  • Congratulations. You ruined somebody's life over a s*** job; well done.

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