Found girls secret place for masterbating at school

At my school the sports hall is a seperate block. It's not meant to be left open during lunch but it is, so if I need a poo I go there as it's cleaner because it gets less use.
There are toilets in the boys and girls changing rooms and then a general toilet for either. Anyway I was in that one doing a poo, and someone came in, and I didn't want to be heard so I went really quiet. I heard a girl p****** in the next toilet ( you can tell by sound) so I stayed very quiet untill she left, but she didn't. I didn't know what to do, if I made noise now she might think I was listening to her p******. A few minutes later, I started to hear heavy breathing, so I really listened and I could hear movement too. Her breathing and the movement got faster,I was sure now, she was masterbating. I heard her gasp and then squeal a little and I knew she had c**. I was soon turned on, and so was my c***.
After she finished I heard panties up skirt down, flush, door, tap, drier, then out. I followed to see who it was, I didn't recognise her but she was cute.

I spent all of lunch the next day in those toilets waiting for her, and she came back and did it again. I managed to j*** one out, listening to her. So hot.

Oct 25, 2019

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  • Are you gonna tell her?

  • No, gonna keep listening and jerking off, wish I could watch.

  • Oh to be young

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