Black mail by a little girl

I was at a friend's house working on his car. He had went to get parts. I went behind the shed to take a p***. As I'm p****** I hear a little girl voice. She had said if u don't kiss me I will tell everyone u showed me your d***. I looked up to see a little girl standing there she was cute in a pink dress. She had blondish read hear her left b*** was probably a d cup and her right one was flat. I could see she didn't have on a bra. She looked probably 11 or 12. She was giving me a look like she was saying hurry up. So I finished p******. I walked up to her we locked lips. She seemed supposed is I pushed my tung in to her mouth. After we kiss for a while she asked if she was sexy. I replied with yes. Thin she said f*** me. I replied with u r to young. Thin she said have sexy with me or I will tell everyone u had your tung in my mouth. So I kiss her again this time I put my hand on her ass and gave it a hard groping. Thin I lifted up the front of her dress and start rubbing her pussycat. It was so small and I took a long time to get wet but win it finally did I licked my fingers it was kinda sweet taste I pick her up and cared her to my van and we got in the back. I got on top of her and asked if she was ready. She answered yes daddy. So with a hard thrust I was in and she was crying. I keep f****** her as hard as I could soon the crying had stopped and she was coming. After she finished her 3 c** she said daddy u r f****** me to hard it hurts. So I asked if she won't to be on top. She answered yes daddy. So I got off of her. And I could see my d*** and b**** and her pussycat and the floor of the van was cover in blood. I grabbed a tow and wipe it up thin I laeyed down and she got on top of me I felt so good an I felt her pussycat stretch over my d***. She was going a lot slower and was not going all the way down but it still felt good. Soon she started shaking and could feel her pussycat throbbing as she squirt all over my d***. She go limp and try to chech her breath. But I was close to coming so I started pounding her from under. She was saying daddy daddy daddy f*** me daddy. Soon she was shacking again and I started c****** and I could feel her squirting at the same time the throbbing pussycat felt like it was milking my d***. I think It was the best s** I have ever had. We r dating now and we f*** almost every night now


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  • Ribbeling ripple rippuled

  • "he said have sexy with me" yeah I'm sure this is what a little girl says

  • TL;DR but Fake

  • You need to be locked up, mate!

  • Where is the part about the "little girl" or the father/mother (or who ever "She" speaks) to telling the cops, you getting arrested and getting focked up the shitcave by bob-the-n** is super max, of course added these real life details would kill your fantasy much like all the comment in here.

  • Never happened BRO

  • Someone is calling... oh its mr bullshit

  • Fock off pedo

  • Fucck you and your sick pedophilic post A$$HOLE

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