I think my husband is gay

I am hot, I promise, we are madly in love, but my husband never wants to have s**, ever. I am EXTREMELY lucky if I get it once a week, but usually it's more like twice a month. He says it's the pot-smoking, but I am not convinced. I try to intice him with knew ideas, things to spice it up, but he doesn't seem interested. The other night we went out with a big group of gay men. He had a great time and in drunken conversation, one of the gay men told me they thought my husband was bi.

I think my husband is gay.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Or it could be something really simple. Maybe you haven't been "fresh" down there.

  • It is not the weed. That actually makes it better for us. I do take morphine and vicodin every day. That is f**** our s** life up. I am in between a rock and hard place. I want to f*** my wife but I want to be able to walk also.

    You need to take charge of the situation. Dress up, get into role play situations.

  • def not the pot!!! my wife and myself have s** everday at least x 2 and i have been smoking pot for 7 years everyday.

  • Were you both virgins when you got married? How bout communicate and simply ask him why he doesn't seem to want to make love.
    Smoking pot makes every one I know h****, though I thought you were refering to yourself.

  • He may have found a replacement for that 'happy place' we like to visit when you want to avoid stress. So for you s** is a great happy place and you want to visit it often. he's finding his and doesn't need to find another.

    Go out for another night and watch for more cues and hints.

  • It could well be the pot. I knew a couple who broke up because he was smoking every day. His s** drive basically vanished.

  • Maybe he's having an affair.

  • Could be hormonal.

  • Sorry to hear, his loss sounds like....

    Well, I am VERY straight, I'd give you the ROCK HARD SWEATY s** you deserve sweety!

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