True Kissing Cousins

My first cousin and I have been f****** since we were teens. Every time we see each other we sneak off and f*** real good. He's getting married and we plan a whole weekend right before they say their vows. We're never going to stop and it's so easy to get away with it..
Finally found a way to get this off my chest, I've never told this to anyone.

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  • How r u now ? is it still going on

  • well good you confessed this to someone now you need to stop this right now cause it is nasty that's your cousin get some sense and stay out of his life, he is trying, it seems to do better, and you are interfering with that. you need to get a life of your own and stop living dangerously and inlove with cheating, its too many men in the world around you then for you to be sexing it up with your own cousin, this is a sick thing for you to be doing and you need to stop it right now , today, enough is enough get some morals life is too short for this kind of foolishness

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