Being with the forbidden

I wanna confess this cause i cant get it off my mind...i dream every day and night about going to my moms house taking off her clothes,and eating her p**** forever!...i wanna f*** her sooo bad it actually hurts...i wanna try to do it but dont know how to go about it..when i was like 8 i used to jump in bed w her take all my clothes off and feel her all over! Just talking about this is getting my d*** hard..i dont just want to f*** her i wanna make love to her and be with her...i jerkoff to her every single day...



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  • I am sick of people who say its ok and natural to be transexual or gay try to tell me whats natural or not natural. Its like listening to a serial killer talk about morals.

  • You need psychiatric help. Being sexually attracted to your own mother is sick. Don't tell her how you feel because she will never forgive you if you do.

  • ^wrong^ ........ its natural (from being carried, and then being breastfed). dont worry about it.

  • Way to rationalize being breastfed through puberty and what that's done to you mentally. The other guy is right, it's f****** sick and sane people know this.

  • Introduce her to the story of Oedipus and his parents, Laius and Jocasta, and tell her that you really REALLY identify with Oedipus and understand his desires and his actions COMPLETELY.

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