What a dork

My cousin walked in on me masturbating last night, I quickly covered up but he was standing in my doorway with a b****, I looked at his bulge and laughed then said "Dude" and pointed to it, He pulled his pants down and I was actually kind of surprised, He is not real big but he has a big d*** proportionately.
He was so h**** he was just standing there rock hard, D*** pointing at the cieling and I thought for a minute and said "J*** it", He just looked at me and I said "do it, j*** off", He stood at the foot of my bed and I slid down, Sat right in front of him still covered with a blanket and started talking dirty to him.
I was teasing him saying "Come on cuz, J*** that for me", "Ooohhh you have kind of a big d***", I looked up at him and said "Have you f***** anyone with that yet?", He shook his head no and came, I luckily was already holding the blanket and was able to block him from getting any on me and he went to pull up his pants, I said "What are you doing?", He looked at me and I said "Keep going", He said "I already came", so I told him "Oh baby, If you ever want a girlfriend you are gonna either need stamina or be able to go more than one round, Get it hard again".
I was having a blast teasing him, He was standing there jerking his limp d*** and I said "If I show you my tittie will you get hard again?", He shrugged and I slid the blanket down a bit letting one b*** show, It took about 4 seconds and he was hard again. I kept teasing him leaning forward with my mouth open like I was gonna suck his d*** but obviously I didn't but this is how it went.
First load - No show

Second load - one b*** and pretending I was gonna suck his d***.

Third load - I laid back and let him suck my toes and gave him a couple peeks under the blanket with my legs together.

Fourth load - Yeah, He went four loads, A lot of work went into that last one and it's a good thing we were alone in the house because if anyone would have caught us it would have been so f*****.
He was completely drained and he said his b**** were aching but I kept pushing him, I laid back and pulled the blanket off, Spread my legs and played with myself, I kept talking dirty asking if he liked his cousins p****, Asking if he liked his cousins t***, I asked if he wanted to f*** me and he nodded yes but I said "You come one more time and get it hard again I'll let you f*** me, Maybe then you will have the stamina I want".
He was trying so hard and he was back to about half hard, I got him some lotion and he was almost hard and went soft again, I got my d**** and slid it in me a few times, pulled it out and asked if he wanted to taste it, He nodded and I slid it in his mouth. I bent over and told him if he kept jerking with one hand he could use the other hand to put my d**** back in me and he did, I crawled across the bed with my d**** sticking out and then sat in front of him and teased the s*** out of him, I put my face like an inch from his d*** and said "Come on baby, Right here on my face, Come on".
I turned around and shuffled back right in front of him, handed my d**** to him, Told him to make it wet and told him to f*** me with my d****. He sucked it and roughly rammed it in me from behind, He was f****** me hard with it and I knew he was touching my p**** and my bum a little every time and I was getting pretty ready to come and then the little weirdo leaned forward and licked my bum hole, He didn't just lick it, He shoved his tongue right in there.
I screamed and jumped up laughing and saying "WTF dude, You just stuck your tongue in my ass", He nodded and I looked at him then said f*** it, I got on my knees, Put my head down and said "Do it", He licked my ass and I f***** my p**** with my d**** and he finally got load 4 out on my feet. He stood up and I pretty much yelled "Don't f****** stop" and he got on his knees, Shoved his tongue in my ass and licked my ass and he even snuck a few licks of my p**** until I came.
As soon as I got off I was embarrassed and kicked him out, I laid in bed laughing to myself as I rubbed his sperm iinto my feet then just thought all night until I fell asleep, So weird.

Nov 1, 2019

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  • I used to catch my male cousin spying on me all the time, Changing, Showering, Sleeping and quite often he would show me his p****. Admittedly I never did anything like this but mine were the first b**** he ever felt.

  • Similar thing, happened to me. Staying at my little cousin's house, I caught him trying to spy on me changing. Instead of throwing him out the room I invited him in and gave him a bit of an anatomy lesson in girls. His little c*** was rock hard. I asked him how often he wanted, he said never, after a bit of pressing, it turns out what he meant to say was every day lol. I told him he could w*** over me. He was scared to, so I unzipped him and did it for him. He shot his load in about 20 seconds right down my leg. I cleaned us both up, and I was about to get dressed when I notice his c*** had popped back up again.
    I asked him to lie on the bed and I straddled him, sliding down over his c***, I rode his c*** as he looked in a state of total shock, for about 10 seconds before he came again and went floppy inside me.
    I climbed off and cleaned up once more. Then he started apologising, for c****** so quick, for c****** on me the first time, for not giving me an o*****, for basically being rubbish at s**. I reassured him that it was ok, it was his first time, but also said that if he told anyone we'd had s** I would tell them he lasted 10 seconds.
    I saw him again a few months later, he basically begged me for s** again, so I focused on what girls want, and whilst he was still no good, he wasn't bad with his tongue.
    He now has a girlfriend who thinks she was his first, and he is glad of his education!

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