MIL vulnerable

So I found out that my MIL is mad at her husband. I dont know what he did, but she is upset and spending time away from him. She spent the entire weekend at our house. She just wanted company and we provided that for her. As the weekend went on we started to get closer and closer. My wife had to work one day so it was just my MIL and I for much of the day. I woke up around 9 to my MIL rubbing my chest and softly whispering, "You dont want to sleep the whole day away." I was initially startled by her touch but settled right into it as it felt amazing. She was still in her pajamas. She wore a loose tank top and shorts. She looked incredible. I was reluctant to get out of bed because of morning wood which was extra hard due to the fact that my MIL just sat on the edge of my bed rubbing my chest in her pjs. She told me I should jump in the shower. Once she left the room, I scurried off to the shower. I began showering and heard some rustling around. I figured it was her just grabbing some dirty clothes for laundry. Then the unthinkable happened. As I was washing the shampoo out of my hair I felt a mouth enclose the head of my still hard c***. I quickly opened my eyes and there my mother in law was, completely naked with my d*** in her mouth. I was in shock and asked what she was doing. She took my c*** from her mouth to reply what ever she wants and engulfed my c*** once more. I stood there as the hot water was running down my back in pure ecstasy as my MIL was servicing me. After about 10 minutes I pulled her up to me, spun her around and bent her over. I had to work to get inside of her as she was tighter than any other p**** I had felt. She asked me to go slow because my d*** is bigger and much thicker than her husbands. As I pushed inside she let out a deep moan. I thrusted all the way in and she squealed. I pounded the s*** out of what felt like a virgin p**** until she begged me to take her to the bedroom. We got out of the shower, went to the bedroom. And got right to it. I ate her beautiful p**** as she deep throated my c***. She grinded her p**** on my face and I was in heaven. She came all over my tongue and mouth. Get p**** was so sweet and made me even harder. I stood at the end of the bed and f***** her missionary. She was screaming and telling me not to stop so I pounded deep and hard. Her p**** shot my d*** out of it like a cannon and she squirted all over my stomach. She was crying at this point, saying she has never came so hard in her 54 years on this earth. I grabbed her by the legs and forced her back on to my c***. I was stroking her with every inch as she pleaded with me to c**. On my last stroke, I buried my d*** deep inside her and emptied my load. I climbed into bed soaked with sweat and c** lying next to her. She moved down to my d*** to clean up whatever was left. She sucked it for five minutes before she was convinced it was clean. I laid there in disbelief as to what we had just done. She told me that I will now have to f*** her at least once a week or she will tell my wife what we have done. I am thrilled!

Nov 4, 2019

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