My wife Debbie ( DEE to our friends )

It was hot late summer but Dee and I had finally managed to save enough for a down payment on our first house.
I had enlisted John ( A good friend ) to help me move and we had this 22 foot U Haul truck loaded to the max we had been working since breakfast and it was late afternoon as we made this last trip.
Well a little back ground now and Dee and I over the last 10 years have both crossed the lines of our marriage vows at least once but we have gotten over it by now and sometimes we talk about our transgressions as a foreplay when we are in bed and Dee has more of less agreed to let some guy do her while I watch but so far it hadn't happened yet.
After our first trip we were all hot and sweaty so Dee changed into a halter top and shorts her hair was hanging in her face and she had to blow it out of the way and she looked so cute when she did that.
Her halter top was wet with perspiration and clinging to her b****** like a second skin and I had caught him checking her out when he thought I was nt looking and I began to wonder just what the chances were of gin agreeing to do her while I watched. On the last trip over he and I were in the truck and Dee was following us in the car loaded with smaller items and we were dinking ice water both of our shirts were plastered to our backs and the f****** air conditioner in the truck wasent getting it dome so we both had rolled the windows down .
I asked hey John what do you think of Dee I saw you checking her out a couple times and he said oh sorry man she looks so f****** good in that outfit I really didn't mean anything and I asked want to f*** her and he sid hey man I said I was sorry and I laughed telling him that I didn't mind at all and if he really wanted a piece of her I would see if I could arrange it....
He was qiet for a while thn asked really do you mean it and I noded my head then he cleared his throat and said if you really mean it I would love to beaming at me and I said Let me feel her out just kid wit her like you have been doing while we unload the truck.
Later wa we were finishing up we had assembled all the tables and beda we had farmed out our kids for the day to her parents house and I cornered her in the kitchen as she was putting frozen meat in the freezer ahe had her back turned to me and I noved in behind her and I put my arms around her cupping her b****** and she giggled pushing her ass back against me and I whispered in her ear John has been a big help today babe and you like him don't you and she stiffened up in my embrace and said yes I like him a lot why and I said because I want to watch him f*** you and she stood there like a statue for a second then turned to me and said s*** look at me her hair was in her face again and she blew it out of the way from the corner of her mouth nd she looked so delicious and I said I am sure he wont care a bit if you are a little sweaty or disheveled baby I know for a fact that he would f*** you in a heart beat.
She looked up at me and said you have already talked to it haven't you and I said ugh hug and he would give his left nut to get into your pants.
She stood there for log seconds looking at me then asked are you sure and I just nodded my head and she asked what am I supposed to do just ask him if he wants to f***????
I laughed and said let me handle it and we found John in the kids bedroom struggling to get the mattress onto the single cot and I said John and he turned as I lifted her halter top over her head and Dee raised her arms while I did it and her perky 34 C-cup b****** were on display and her nipples were already hard.
He looked at her almost drooling and his desire was plain to see as Dee pushed her shorts over her hips it was happening fast as neither her or John said a word as he undress's to then they came together clawing at each other with no foreplay at all the mattress had been forgotten and had fallen to the floor and John grabbed her and pushed her back on it and Dee opened her legs for him his c*** was already hard as he wiggled between her legs and Dee reached in between them and guided him into her then they began to wildly f*** and I stepped back so I could see his c*** with her p**** wrapped around it and his b**** were slapping her ass cheeks with each stroke Dee was breathing harshly and John was grunting like a pig as they mated and I could smell their mingled excited s** ad the slap slapping sounds as they came together it was almost intoxicating as I watched her take his c*** .
I knew that John wouldn't last long and he came very hard driving her into the mattress his body convulsed again and again as he came then Dee rolled him onto his back and mounted him like a horse and she rode him her hair hanging in her face looking like a deranged wild woman her face locked in a snarl and her finger flashing as she fingered her c*** then she gasped and her body began to quake as her o***** claimed her she shuddered in climax then she slowly ll forward onto his chest her head buried n the mattress beside his both of them were gasping for breath as I watched and his and her fluids were leaking out of her now around his soft c*** I thcked an hand towel under his b**** to keep from stining the kids mattress and I watched for a long time until Dee rolled off him and she began to laugh but I silenced her when I pushed her legs apart and I stuck my c*** into her freshly f***** p**** and I added my seed to his,

Nov 6, 2019

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