Self gratification

When I was 12, I was slender and flexible. I could take my own shaft by mouth. Without too much practice, I was able to deep throat myself too. To avoid soiling the sheets where my mother might find it, I always swallowed my load. I did this almost every night through high school.

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  • Shame I never knew you at 12 i would have loved to suck you off

  • Focus on adults you f****** creep

  • Jealous because your c*** is too small to suck?

  • Uhh I dont know what you’re talking about but stop being a pedo

  • That wasn't the lamest comeback this site has to offer. Wait until "your momma" guy finds this confession. Always original!

  • My twin brother and I could both do that also. We started at 14.

    We would compete to see who could suck themselves off faster. After a few months we just started going 69 several times a day.

    We have been doing it to each other now for 20 years. We live and love together, nothing beats suck a c*** that is just like your own. And f****** and being ass f***** and seeing your identical twin face. It like f****** your self.

    In 20 years, we figured that we 69 at least 3 times a day every day and each swallowed over 20,000 loads of c**.

    A*** is usually twice a day so each of us has taken over 15,000 load in the ass in 20 years.

    I love incest s** with my twin.

  • Since I was 6. I jerked my brother off twice a day. On his 15 birthday he said he wanted to see me taste the c** I got on my hand from him c******. I was scared but did it and I loved the taste. For me it seemed natural to take c** in my mouth.

    On his 16th birthday he asked me to suck his c***. He has a 7 inch c***, but I didn't even gag when I sucked the first time and deep throated him. It seem i don't have much of a gag reflex.

    He was so turned on by it he came after 2 minutes and I swallowed. I was only 7 but knew that having my brother's c*** in my mouth and swallowing his c** was what I was made for.

    After that night, I wanted him in my mouth constantly. And being a h**** teen he was more than willing.

    Soon after that he stared crossdressing me usually in girls panties and little tops at night. I often slept that way. I like being a sissy. Mom caught me one morning, shecwas mad, but I cried and said this is what I am. Soon I was going to school as a girl.

    Mom asked my brother why he didn't date, and my brother said he has not met a girl he likes. But he was really hook on me his little sissy girlbgiving him head several times a day.

    I was 8, on his 17 birthday and he want to try a*** with me. We did, it hurt at first but then it felt so good as he came in me.

    I'm 16 now, mom passed last year and i live with my brother whose 25 now. I have become very feminine and have no male clothes.

    We make love 3 or 4 times a day, oral and a***. On the weekend alot more

    I love being a girl for him and I worship his wonderful c***.

  • I would have loved you jerking me of f when you were 6 and you dressed in panties at 8 having a*** with you would have been amazing, i get so hard for little boys

  • Hot as heck

  • HECK? You watch your mouth, young moron!

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