Just Like Mom

Back in 1972 I was 14 years old, living with my single Mom and Grandmother. I was born a city boy and when my parents split Mom moved us to the country where life became boring. Now school was out and all I could find to do was explore the wilderness during the day and watch Grammy bath every night. The house we lived in was old and next to the bathroom was a utility closet where I could sneak in and j*** off while watching Grams wash her awesome t*** then dry herself.

On the third day of summer vacation I was exploring the life in a small river not far from our house when two guys, Bobby and Dan, approached me in the river. I knew them from the bus and knew they weren't very friendly toward outsiders. As they slowly moved toward me, obviously with something in mind I noticed their older brother Gary, sitting on a tree stump with a knife and holding my dog. Bobby and Dan were one grade ahead of me and Gary was in high school. When I asked what they wanted Gary told me, "Just do as you're told and your dog will live". My dog was my only friend and had been for the previous 6 years so I told Gary, "I'll do whatever you want just please don't hurt Rhett". There was a tree laying across the river and Gary told me to pull my shorts down and bend over it. When I hesitated he put the knife to Rhett's throat, now terrified that he might kill my dog I did as I was told. Bobby then held my head down while Dan tied my hands behind my back, I struggled to no avail while fearing for my dog. When I looked at Bobby he pulled his pants down and moved toward me with his stiff c*** in his hand. It looked about the same size as mine and I wondered what he was going to do with it, when Gary asked me "Ever suck a c***?" I shook my head from side to side while keeping my eyes glued to Bobby's d*** then Gary told me to open my mouth. When I refused I heard Rhett yelp and when I looked over to see he was okay I turned back to Bobby's stiff c***, closed my eyes and opened my mouth. Holding my mouth open wide Bobby stuck his d*** into it, put his hands on either side of my head and growled "Suck on it". As I cautiously wrapped my lips around it I felt something at my butt and reacted by trying to move away from whatever it was when Gary laughed, "What's wrong, don't like getting your ass f*****?". Terror came over me, I had seen my mother get her ass f***** (not by Dad, which is why my parents split) and I sometimes wondered what it would be like but I never expected to find out. But it was happening and if I wanted my dog to live then I had to let him do it and as I felt my butt-hole start to stretch I looked over to see my dog, sitting in front of Gary, totally unaware of what was happening to me. When the head snapped into me the pain caused me to forget the c*** in my mouth and I groaned in agony. Bobby pulled it out of my mouth slapped me across the face with his slobber-covered c*** and told me, "When there's a c*** in your mouth, suck it!". As soon as it was back in my mouth I put a firm lip-lock on it in an effort to block the pain in my ass but as Dan forced it deeper into my bowels I realized that nothing was going to put that out of my mind. I resigned myself to being raped and decided to do what I could to hurry it along but all I could think of was just to allow it to continue, after all they were in control. As I felt Dan press his b**** against my ass-cheeks I knew he could go no deeper, then Bobby grasped my hair and started to pump his swollen member in and out of my mouth so hard that I would gag every time he slammed into my throat, and now his brother was slowly working his c*** in and out of my stretched a***. I remembered seeing that c*** going in and out of Mom and how much she seemed to like it and decided to try and enjoy it too, but there was no way I was going to let these brothers know. With Dan now pounding my ass and Bobby face-f****** me so brutally that I thought I was going to throw-up, there was no way I could enjoy this. I began to grunt with every thrust up my ass while gagging each time my throat was stretched, and when I thought I was going to pass out Bobby held his c*** deep in my throat causing me to struggle for air then I felt my mouth fill with warm, salty and thick fluid and before I knew what it was I swallowed all of it. "Suck it dry!" Bobby groaned and in my state of mind I did as I was told and swallowed that as well. Panting, trying to catch my breath, I realized the c*** still thrusting in and out of my ass didn't hurt anymore, and I actually thought that I might be starting to like it. Having caught my breath I resumed with the grunting and groaning which was soon followed by Dan slamming into me one more time and I realized that he had just c** in my ass. As his c*** throbbed in my ass I relaxed and a feeling came over me that told me, after the initial penetration, I did in fact like getting my ass f*****, just like Mom. "Bobby! Over here and hold this mutt!" Gary barked at his brother and I suddenly remembered there was another c***, what was he going to do to me? Moments later Gary's c*** was at my mouth and it was huge, I figured it to be ten inches and big enough around that I felt the corner of my lips stretch as he forced it into my mouth. Without hesitation he rammed it into my throat and commenced to face-f*** me so brutally that I was gagging up thick gobs of slobber while trying to breath between intrusions into my throat. "Watch the teeth!" He said, adding, "That's why Granny is such a good throat-f***! No teeth in the way!" Somehow I was not surprised that this moron f***** his grandmother, or possibly great-grandmother. Soon I couldn't take anymore and when I tried to turn my head he puled out of my mouth and informed me, "Now it's my turn in your ass!" I had not seen Dan's c*** but I was sure it was nowhere near as big as Gary's and I was going to get it up my ass, in my mind there was excitement at the thought of being stretched even more than the first time, but I dare not let him know. "Gimme that vaseline!" And moments later I again felt my ass-hole being stretched and this time it was really hurting. With my legs trembling the pain was intense, yet good, and Gary wasted no time burying every thick inch of his c*** into my appreciative ass. I let out a squeal when he eased back then slammed in. "Hey that's good!" Gary seemed to like my expression of pain so I repeated for the next eight or ten slams into me, then all I could do was moan and shake as he pummelled me. After a few minutes of me holding back my pleasure I felt a strange sensation in my groin and without warning shot my load into the water below me and watched it float by, hoping none of them saw it, which luckily, they did not. After what seemed like forever, I began to plead with him, "Please, stop, please." Gary laughed, "As soon......" he was now frantically thrusting in and out of me."....As soon as... I blast this..." With a hard, deep thrust, Gary pumped his load into me. "...up your little ass!" His thick shaft pumped every drop deep in my bowels before he puled out then smacked my ass with his c***. "Come look at this." Gary called his brothers over and I guessed that they were watching his sperm ooze out of my ass, because I could feel it and see the thick, white trail running down the river from between my legs.
Gary untied my hands, which fell numb at my side and told me to count to one hundred before leaving. My dog was sitting next to a tree watching a rabbit and I lost count thinking of how much I liked getting my ass f*****, just like Mom.
That night while watching Grams and jerking off I put some extra stroking on my c*** when I saw her ass and wondered if she'd ever been f***** up the ass. And if not I wanted to take care of that for her.

Oct 6, 2019

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  • Oh my God! Your story made me so hard that I jacked a load as I read it. That has always been a fantasy of mine to be taken that way. Thanks for sharing!

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