Filming wife without her knowledge

I confess that when I was a young kid, I would peep into my neighbors windows. Never saw much but the excitement I felt while imagining what I might see has always stayed with me. So that was the beginning of me being a voyeur. Fast forward to my adult life and happily married. I found that I got excited by trying to peep on my beautiful wife. At first I was just trying to watch her change or shower without her knowledge. It continued to videotaping her with our older video camera without her realizing it. Now you can ask why peep on her when I could see her naked any time that I wanted. Well it goes back to those early years when I tried to look in on my neighbors, EXCITEMENT. Of course my wife finally caught on and said no more probably because she feels she is no exhibitionist and does not like the way she looks when nude. It would have been different if she, like many women, liked pics being taken. So my question is, are other husbands that like to voyeur the wife, why, and tell how they peeped and if they took pics and did the wife ever find out.

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  • I've often commented on the very common fetish to show one's wife to other men. It's centuries old and called Candaulism. When one is proud of their wife, why not show her off?
    When newly weds in college, I would take "art" photos of my young bride in "tasteful" nude poses and show them to my frat buddies. When she asked what I did with all the photos, I told her and she was OK with showing to my friends.
    Then a randy guy asked for full Frontal poses. My bride surprised me by agreeing to pose as guys requested. She enjoyed the attention and helped assemble an album of our best pics to show other guys.
    I was very fortunate to have such a willing wife. Not all wives are into exhibitionism.

  • I did not necessarily want to post pics of my wife but I assure everyone that if we were in our twenties and she said she was ok with pics of herself, I would have shown a few around. Probably for all the wrong reasons. Just let’s me fantasy about the what if’s

  • My bed room window overlooks my neighbor's bathroom window. From that height I can see her using the bathroom. I put off the light of my room and absorb myself watching her bathing, masturbating with jets of water through hand shower sitting on the edge of bath tub and massaging her small b****. I jack my c*** till I c**!!

  • I have watched my wife many times when she was not aware that I was filming her. You are right it is the excitement of seeing her acting natural and not aware that I am watching. Reminds me of a time I was 17 and had 3 nice looking girls living next door and the one time that I saw the best looking of the 3 completely naked. What a sight. Now days with this thing called the internet, you can go on line and see most anything you want? but it is nothing like being there and seeing it Live!!!

  • I have video filmed out act and posted

  • I do all they time for my own viewing pleasure lol

  • I know all too well the trill you speak of. Sadly I have no wife of my own, but this feeling is sometimes supplimented through sneaking into the womens' change room or things of this sort. Ive always thought living on the highest floors of a tall building would a saving grace; I could perch up there with a high quality binoculars and just watch what people do when they think they arent being watched

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