Selling my wife and myself for money also sharing pics and vids

My wife and i were hard up for cash for a few years so i sold her to random guys for b******* and s**. It started as just a s** show and became much more. As time went on i started selling my ass too. She has watched me get f***** suck c*** etc many times. And i have watched her get f***** and suck so much c***. Now im turned on by it all and fantasize about it. I habe had many guys pay to f*** me and her us both sucking c*** so many guys so much money. Should i feel bad still turns me on. Also love sharing pics and vids i cant help it. Being s**** for cash we both took a lot of f*** i think about it ofte. I convinced her to let our neighbor f*** her for fun he f***** us both first time in years. Anyone else had similar experinces??? Love to hear some feeback

Nov 7, 2019

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  • I have a neighbor about 16 who spends lots of time at their pool. It's hard not to get too excited. I spend lots of time in the back yard and even keep the grass trimmed under our shared chain linked fence. I would love to chain her up and trim her pubes.

  • We are a married couple we use to show our friends our home made adult DVDs of us f***ing and they in turn show us threes this led to wife swapping,
    We now wish we hadn't

  • I used to sell my gf. She would take photos with the guys and then I'd sell the photos and the panties she wore too. She never used condoms.

  • Can i see?

  • Very hot! Love to see your pics and videos.

  • Share with me your photos

  • Love see few photos pls I even send few back

  • Great! getting paid for something you both love. Be careful of sida

  • Bad experience allowing my neighbor s**** my wife for a few bucks we badly needed. It hurts to this day. It was painful to watch her get off like I never had her got off with my scr***ng her. She denies it but it was too obvious.

  • My wife cuckolds me so she f**** other men. If they allow it i suck thier c*** before and after they f***,I also eat c** from wife's p****. No money changing hands though.

  • Lo ve it

  • Hott

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