I want to dominate a man

I would really love a man who I can dominate, someone to do whatever I ask of them.

Nov 8, 2019

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  • I enjoy being dominated by a woman but not humiliated.... At the end she p***** on me and after that the s** is GREAT!!

  • My gf does this to me. Orders me to crawl around, eat her out for nothing in return, makes me strip naked while she phones her friends usually rubbing my d*** with her toes while I wait. During s**, I'm not allowed to c** until she says. Very different behaviour to my wife.

  • For whatever reason, the girls go cold after marriage.

    If they don't want s**, they could go femdom but they also get lazy and being the Dom means you have to think and care. Care enough to think.

  • If anyone is interested in connecting please email me rubywalsh422@gmail.com

  • I live in a femdom marriage. It's not like the stuff I read in p*** with all this fantasy of dressing the man up as a woman. In fact my wife and I see that as emphasising the weakness of women and degrading. What she wants is a physically strong toned man. Someone who thinks. It is just she is in charge. She will give instructions to me and I will obey. It's titillating. It's kind of a mix of embarrassing and titillating when we are overt around others. It's also kind of relaxing in that in a way I am trading trust v stress. Lots of trust and no stress. We also play with o***** denial and physical restraint and pain. O***** denial is fascinating. There is a real interesting effect in regard to thought process. A feeling or inadequacy and urgency. Like I really really need to do it or maybe I'll never be able to do it again. Then after about two to for weeks it changes to one of amazing kind of strength. A sort of feeling that I have achieved something that most guys can't. I am very much a physical touch person and we do a lot of tease and denial. We also have me lick or touch her to o*****. I found that the first couple of ejaculations after a period of abstinence are actually quite painful and not exciting. So we tend to go usually about three months of abstinence followed by a month or so of quite regular ejaculations for me. In all of this, some of the fun is her decision as to when and what type of s** but always we both put in effort and we try to make it exciting for our partner.

  • The Pussification of America

  • As a submissive guy, you are my dream.

  • Sorry, I'm taken.

  • My ex did that with her forever bitc hing big mouth. Thus I finally fired the nag.
    You know she was literately stunned and shocked. What an idiot

  • Trust me it's great fun - Jane

  • For the sub guy too. Even when I am whipped. I get really excited and apprehensive in the lead up. Then While it is happening I am totally focussed on surviving. Then there is a period after while the wounds I healing that I wonder how weird am I and I should never do it again. Then she might whisper in my ear "I have been thinking about whipping you again"

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