I hate Heretics

I hate Heretics. I just hate people who insult the feelings of believers. And now i direct my question to people who created site – sinnlist com . WHAT DA F*** YOU WERE THINKING ABOUT ? WHY YOU GOT THIS F****** LOGO WITH INVERTED CROSS ? WITH THIS LOGO YOU DISRESPECT ALL PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN GOD, NO MATTER IF THIS PEOPLE ARE NOT CHRISTIANS. YOU HURT ALL RELIGIONS SO F*** YOU – “mr i created sinnlist com”



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  • Lol this guy is p*****.

  • Religion is pretty dumb to be honest. But if someone is religious then thats up to them and I personally don't hold no malice

  • Believers are pathetic idiots. You all have s** with pigs. HA HA HA

  • Your jewish mother would be proud you child molesting sodomite scum

  • You know when you’re running out of brain cells when you go straight to anti Semitic insults.

  • Yeah, I'm atheist, but from a Christian(ish) family, and I say leave the Jews alone, if anything, pick on the true scum, the Muslims. I would love to force feed one of those caputered terrorists a bacon butty

  • Yep, Jews are harmless. Its the mussies that are evil

  • Well I hate religious people. You choose stupidity so I have no sympathies. Btw thanks for the great website link. I wouldn’t have known about it if it weren’t for you. See what I’m saying about religious people being stupid? Case in point.

  • Yeah, but the op is probably the one who made the site, and is using this as advertising

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