Rebecca, I Still Love

I miss you. we used to be such great friends now its nothing. we pretend to be friends. i miss smiling at you in the hallway, and siting across from you at lunch. i miss talking about pointless things, and drawing pictures for eachother with little notes. I miss the feeling i get when im near you and i try to think of something to say but i end up saying the stupidest thing ever but you laugh beause you know i never stop trying. im never going to love a girl like i loved you. i wish i could tell you all this, but people change and so have you. Your not the Rebecca who comes to me anymore when your feeling blue, but now you go to these so called "friends" of yours. You would laugh at me if I ever told you this. But i understand, there are alot of better looking guys out there. I was never the best looking guy. But there was something about me that was different. When they look at you, they see another "hot" girl. When i look at you, i never want to look away. Your an angel to me. They will never care for you like i did. All i ever wanted to do was to hold hands with you on a path that would like never end. just talking to eachother, and smiling. and then if it ever ended, we would end up at a hammock in a garden and just lay in it all day, me and you. But i guess maybe its something I did. Maybe i ruined it all for me and you. Anyway, im confessing that I will always have a place for you in my heart. I wish you would read this, and if you ever did, i know you would know who it is. we need to find a way to make us back together. I miss your smile.

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