Is it possible to be controlled by ones d***. I think I am. I love to j*** off. There haven't been too many days since the age of 12 that I have not humped something, stuck my d*** into something or just plain stroked off. I am married and my wife takes good care of me. But my d*** wants pleasure a lot. I have deposited loads of c** onto the ground, onto myself, onto cumrags , into the toilet or into tissues. You'd think this f***** would have had enough stimulation by now. But Noooo! In a moment he will be begging for more pleasuring. Oh well, it feels good so what the h***. After typing this I feel the urge to satisfy the h**** b******. Yes I am my d***'s b****.

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  • I’m 38 and still have to stroke out loads twice a day. Sometimes it’s in my garbage can at work, in the aisles at the grocery store, at the gym when looking at ass, etc. my d*** runs my life.

  • I'm the same way as you. Always h**** and jerking off. I started at 13 now 19.

    On my 14th birthday, I was so h**** went to my grandmother's room. She was in bed and I took out my c*** and jerked. She was 80, but for months I would spy on her as she showered and jerkoff to her. She didn't say a word, then she reached over moved my hand and started to j*** me.

    I came fast, all over her hand. She smiled and licked off. And said Did you like what I did? I said yes. That's a birthday present for you. You can come to me wherever you need to c**.

    It 5 years and Grandma still services me 3 or 4 times a day. Usually she gives me head in the morning and at night. And in the afternoon when nobody is home we have s**.

    She 85 but her body is still pretty tight as she goes to the gym daily.

    She loves s** and is more than willing and happy to give me her body. I love how the p**** feels and tastes.

  • I was the same way with my first wife, and she had no problem with it. She enjoyed all the c*** I could give her, p****, ass, mouth, on her t***, face or anywhere I'd aim. And me, I couldn't ask for more. Too bad she turned so prim and proper, I especially miss her ass.

  • That sounds like my second wife, Sally. She was such a sexy dark haired, blue eyed, big assed woman. I came home one day to find her in bed, sweaty and h****. She was f****** the neighbor boy who was 19 years old. He hid in the closet when I walked into the house. I knew he was there, and was f****** her wet p**** as he snuck out. His c** inside her tight little p**** was a wonderful lubricant. I loved it!

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