Is it possible to be controlled by ones d***. I think I am. I love to j*** off. There haven't been too many days since the age of 12 that I have not humped something, stuck my d*** into something or just plain stroked off. I am married and my wife takes good care of me. But my d*** wants pleasure a lot. I have deposited loads of c** onto the ground, onto myself, onto cumrags , into the toilet or into tissues. You'd think this f***** would have had enough stimulation by now. But Noooo! In a moment he will be begging for more pleasuring. Oh well, it feels good so what the h***. After typing this I feel the urge to satisfy the h**** b******. Yes I am my d***'s b****.

Nov 14, 2019

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  • You can be ruled by the head between your ears, or you can be ruled by the one between your legs. By definition, if you let yourself be ruled by the one between your legs there isn't gonna be a whole lot of *intelligence* involved, because that's all in the other head. So congratulations on advertising your stupidity! :)

  • I’m 38 and still have to stroke out loads twice a day. Sometimes it’s in my garbage can at work, in the aisles at the grocery store, at the gym when looking at ass, etc. my d*** runs my life.

  • I'm the same way as you. Always h**** and jerking off. I started at 13 now 19.

    On my 14th birthday, I was so h**** went to my grandmother's room. She was in bed and I took out my c*** and jerked. She was 80, but for months I would spy on her as she showered and jerkoff to her. She didn't say a word, then she reached over moved my hand and started to j*** me.

    I came fast, all over her hand. She smiled and licked off. And said Did you like what I did? I said yes. That's a birthday present for you. You can come to me wherever you need to c**.

    It 5 years and Grandma still services me 3 or 4 times a day. Usually she gives me head in the morning and at night. And in the afternoon when nobody is home we have s**.

    She 85 but her body is still pretty tight as she goes to the gym daily.

    She loves s** and is more than willing and happy to give me her body. I love how the p**** feels and tastes.

  • I was the same way with my first wife, and she had no problem with it. She enjoyed all the c*** I could give her, p****, ass, mouth, on her t***, face or anywhere I'd aim. And me, I couldn't ask for more. Too bad she turned so prim and proper, I especially miss her ass.

  • That sounds like my second wife, Sally. She was such a sexy dark haired, blue eyed, big assed woman. I came home one day to find her in bed, sweaty and h****. She was f****** the neighbor boy who was 19 years old. He hid in the closet when I walked into the house. I knew he was there, and was f****** her wet p**** as he snuck out. His c** inside her tight little p**** was a wonderful lubricant. I loved it!

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