I hate them both fat b******, manipulative users good for nothing baby making machines. Lazy f**** that what they are! They both looser!!! I haven much in life but have kids they can’t support or husband are the same. I wish they didn’t exits. I hate having to share my husbands attention with them and the soon to be losers their children are going to be. I wish we could move, I hope when husbands dies there no money left for them and they struggle more then already do now. I hate both and their dyfuctional retardant mother is useless crap.

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  • I have two fat step daughters. Sarah 16 is 180 lbs and Annie 18 about 200 lbs who seemed to be always angry with me. When there mother past last year I discovered why.

    They wanted to both be with me. And hated I did not realize it. They said they loved me and mom cheated all the time I went on business trips. And they would love me forever.

    Long short short, we started having threesomes. They have also s** with each other. Both are pregnant now, and due in 4 months. Sarah will be just 17 when she gives birth, Annie 19.

    I love my fat young beautiful ladies.

  • Incels will turn ANY story into "we hated each other but now we f*** like bunnies" fantasy. It gets really old.

  • Why don’t YOU leave? Otherwise nothing will change for you

  • If they live with you my bet is you will never get rid of them.

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