I can’t stop gaining weight... and I like it

I’ve always been skinny, I’ve always eaten unhealthily as well but never really gained because of it, I guess I have a high metabolism. I’ve always liked the idea of weight gain and this summer I decided to over eat a lot (2500-3500kcal a day) and I gained about 30lbs in the past 6 months. Going from 120lbs to 150lbs but I’m 5’11 (180cm) so I’m not overweight or anything and I don’t look noticeably different apart from I’ve got a small belly.

I know how unhealthy being overweight is but the idea of all the fat over my body just sounds so nice. I’m 18 now and have been interested in weight gain since I was about 10.

I’m attracted to fat people but also skinny people and I thought the attraction was the most of it but recently I want to be fat but beyond a fantasy.

Can anyone relate? Does anyone know the psychology behind this?

Nov 16, 2019

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  • For me, psychologically, fat acts as a protection. I know it doesn’t. I’m 300 pounds and my fat makes me even more noticeable but it still feels like an extra layer in a good way.

  • I’d love to feed you hehe

  • I am now 205lbs - bmi 25

  • Yes I can relate! I’m a 29 year old guy who weighs 252 pounds and the fat I’ve gained on purpose is amazing!!! I’ve been fascinated by fat people my whole life (since younger than 10) and have always wondered what it felt like to eat whatever you want and get fat. So, I took it upon myself to start gaining weight. The added pounds of fat with how soft, heavy, and jiggly they are feel so good! I love watching my belly get rounder and bigger, and I’ve even started to notice my butt and thighs get bigger and softer as well. My belly is so much fun to play with when I’m bored, and there’s so many ways you can play with it.

  • It good that you like all sizes of partners. You can find a skinny who likes the contrast or a fatty who likes to match. But I also feel this inner tension, like I'm confining my inner fatty who wants to be set free. If I unlock the door, I know they'd run wild transforming my body, but in the end, people would just finally be seeing the real me.

    The hard part is deciding whether to hold out for a lover who would enjoy turning the key or do I crack the door open myself.

  • I know exactly what your going through I didn't realize I was a feeder until I started gaining weight naturally I went from a 130 to a 280 pound woman there's just some things u have to do to be who u were always supposed to be it's Ok to be different embrace who u r

  • Sexyyy

  • I can relate. I love that I am getting fat. I'm a guy who always was fascinated by fat and bellies. I was thin most my life but I have a great desire to grow an enormous beer belly. I am now in middle age and am seriously considering really letting go and try to put on a good 75 lbs. I love the idea of the shock people will get in seeing me with a big gut. I have started with small steps but still feel self conscous. I think that if I put on a lot of weight it will be too hard to be self conscous, because my gut will be too noticable to ignore. Now there is some precident to this, as many men in my family get fat in middle age: my dad , my uncles. But I want to do them better and be the fattest of them all.

  • But Blaine likes to sit on top of people's stomachs at school recess

  • Yes, I can relate. I'm not sure about the psychology, but it sounds like you have a weight gain fetish. You can try to ignore it and feel like you're missing out on what you really want or you can explore it and end up a morbidly obese tub of lard. Once you give in it can be really freeing, but also extremely hard to stop and at some point it becomes almost impossible to reverse the damage...but you may not want to. Judging from what you described, you're going to get fat and you're going to love it. You'll try to fight it when you think it's getting out of hand, when you hit 200 lbs or 250, maybe 300, but you won't be able to. You'll keep eating, stuffing, gaining more and more weight, burying yourself in more and more soft, heavy, useless blubber. You'll hate that you love it so much and you'll hate what it does to the rest of your life, but it won't matter because that urge to grow, to gain, to become more out of shape, more massive, that urge always wins. So, Google the fetish and go get yourself some snacks fatty.

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