Forced to blow. Now want it all the time

I'm 20, and got drunk 2 months ago at a party. 4 guys brought me to a bedroom . They stripped me and forced me to blow them. They slapped me around until it did it.

I resisted but suck as I couldn't take being hit anymore. They laughed because I hot super hard while sucking them. Then the first one came in my mouth, when the c** it my tongue my body reacted by c****** also.

They had not even touched my c***, I just came. Then the next guy f***** my mouth. When the last one came, I came again.

They left me there naked, later two other guys forced me to blow them.

I'm disgusted with myself, now I'm have been picking up 4 or 5 guys a day for the last two months and blowing them. I'm obsessed with reliving that night and c******.

I'm in a public toilet now and just blew a fat guy 5 minutes ago. He was disgusting but I need to taste c**. I came in my boxers.

I'm so f***** up. Why did I go gay?


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  • I'd hang out with the older teenage guys down by the train trestle that crosses the river. They'd swim naked but I shyly kept my underpants on because I prepubescent. Early on a Saturday morning one of the boys pushed passed my full pouty lips and finished in my mouth and all over my face. We kept it secret for a little while but the other boy's soon had to get some and I was eager. A week later I clung to the grassy bank straddling the muddy river bottom. I watched my boys white cotton panties floating slowly on the surface while the six boy's took their turns. My quivering innocence filled with their throbbing boyhood that curiously squirted a warmth that was so good.

  • But Blaine likes to sit on top of people's stomachs at school recess

  • You always were. That night of forced oral, allowed your body to show you, what your mind repressed all your life.
    A guy like you needed to be forced so you could accept, that you need to be orally breed several times a day.

    My friend was like you. He denied his need for mens c**** and c**. But was forced by two guys. And swallowed.

    He satisfies his c** need, by selling his mouth for $40 a BJ to multiple men each day. It mostly married men. He swallows 10 men a day. He has not had to work in 3 years now and get all the c** he needs.

  • Wow lucky guy

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