I need a sugar daddy

I always wanted a sugar daddy so I can love them and so they can give me some sugar! I’m very young but I want someone mature to love me :(

Nov 21, 2019

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  • Same fu cking ass hole pretending to b a teen....go f urself

  • So you basically just want money?How old are you?

  • 14! Why?

  • Would you let me f*** you?

  • You sound cute

  • Thanx I'm very cute, do you like to spoil me?

  • I would love to sadly I don't have a bunch of money rn.

  • You could steal the things for me xx

  • Your not worth it :)

  • Yes, me ruv you rong time! Me natural born American! Preez email me for rotsa ruv sugar daddy preez

  • Your a p****! Where the nice guy gone

  • They all went to an English class to learn proper English. Follow them!

  • Girl, go hit the books. Learn something.

  • Stp try and flirt with me!!

  • No. Seriously. Learn English. Real American teenagers are illiterate in a very different way than you. You're not fooling anyone :)

  • I'm not a yank bell end fck u

  • Looks like the meds wore off... lol

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