Secret massages

I'm a 57 year old woman, divorced 6 years ago and since last April have had a masseuse come to my house twice a month. I down play it with my 4 children, my family and friends telling them it is all prim and proper. First of all they think my masseuse is a woman but the truth is its a 35 year old man. It didn't begin like this but since July I have been allowing him to massage me wearing nothing. He sets up a comfortable table and although embarrassed the first couple times I now am totally comfortable being naked. He massages my entire body even my intimate parts and always brings me to an o*****. I can't explain in words how pleasuring and arousing it is to me. My ex-husband would have a stroke if he knew how much I pay to have this service twice a month. The masseuse did sort of manipulate me into taking off all my clothes but now I can't believe how much more rewarding the massages are. He always asked first before he touched my private areas but now I let him touch and hold me ways my husband never did. I let him arrange my body in positions that could be considered overly exposed, but it only enhances my reaction. I have never had anyone including my ex-husband so vigorously stimulate my body the way he does. I'm am so thrilled that I found this guy but I can't tell anyone.

Nov 21, 2019

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  • When we lived in Oregon, my wife had a guy out to the house for massages, he was the chair of the State Massage Board association so one would think he was legitimate.
    Turns out he was against looking or touching things supposed to be off limits, as I found out using a tiny spy cam after getting suspicious.
    He didn't undress or have s**, but he did have his fingers inside of her which is just as bad. Her butt coming up to meet his fingers let me know he wasn't abusing her.
    Just when I was about to have him busted because it p***** me off, he had a heart attack and died. (You can go check on that if you don't believe me)
    But, that did solve my concern.

  • Reminds me of when my wife used to visit a "therapist" at our local gym. I thought the therapist's name was Samantha, (which is what she told me) and paid no attention until one day I was down there and found out it was this muscle bound ape named Sam. Of course, I was seeing Heather, our local happy ending lady who worked from her home, so I guess I couldn't gripe much. Things were sure better with it all out in the open.

  • Wow I need this guy’s number

    Do you ever let him slide in and leave a deposit?

    I think it would be amazing to give him a happy ending

  • Would love sexting with you pinedlee

  • I’m waiting for you honey.

  • Are you still there honey?
    It’s been a while since your post.
    Email me ASAP -

  • Sexting with you would be amazing

  • I’m looking forward to it.

  • What are you looking forward to?
    Who’s your comment for?

  • I enjoyed your sensual story and would love to hear more. I'm a nice and romantic man in my 60's.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

  • We are in our mid-40s. My hubby massages my p**** the way might blow your mind! He uses olive oil too. After b**** massaging till I get h****, he pays attention to my p****. He starts with massaging p**** lips and surrounding areas, tug on the lips till they get fluffy and engorged - almost throbbing, occasionally fingering my a*** with his well lubed finger/s. Then run his fingers along the slit ending with massaging the c*** area - from hoods down to the slit and inner lips. He continues till I reach o******. This has become our weekend session.

  • Lucky lady! Now I’m all WET

  • I’d love to make you wet the same way - and by finishing with my tongue.

  • Use parma ham as a d***

  • We are lesbian friends and massage each others body at least twice a month using olive oil. Always fully naked and massage all cronies and corners of our body, with particular attention to b**** and ending with p**** massage culminating with voluptuous o******. One can learn a lot reading Tantric Yoni massage surfing websites.

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