Son's Friend

I am 44 married Mom of college son. Last Christmas he brought his college room mate home for the holidays. I could tell immediately he was checking me out and I loved it. He would flirt with me and touch me and hug me every chance he got. Of course my mind was running wild about having him up between my legs and busting his B@@@s good. My husband and son decided to play golf, and his friend was home with me. I knew I had to have him so I sat on the couch by him watching TV and made some bold moves as I knew he was hot for me. We were soon naked in bed and he was pumping his seed in my husbands private garden. He was riding me bare back, (I had just passed my childbearing milestone). For the next 10 days we managed to find a way to have s** most days.

Nov 22, 2019

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  • Christmas came and my son brought the same young friend (stud) home and we were immediately having s** again.

  • Oh my, these young guys are so hot and appreciative and they are always easy to seduce as well. Have fun honey!

  • I have to wonder if your husband put your son up to bringing a hot h**** guy home for the holidays to have s** with you. Why else would he go golfing with his son and leave the friend home with you when it was obvious that the new guy was hot for you?

    Is your son bringing the same guy back for the holidays THIS year, too? Or a different guy? Or several? Please update us after the holidays.

  • Hummm I hope he brings some one with him this Christmas, I will surely bust his nuts and take his load deep inside.

  • You sound so hot! I would love to do whatever nasty thing to you that you want!

  • In my mid-40s and menopausal, I hanker for strong, hard throbbing c*** to f*** with. After a lot of thinking and exploring I have now 3 young men aged 22-32 as friends. 2 have well endowed c**** and 1 a six incher but really thick to completely fill my hole when he churns his tool into me. I just make a call to one of them I fancy and spend the whole weekend having s** to our heart's content. They are not known to each other and hence do not think of 3 or 4 some acts and no a***.

  • That is soo good, bet he loved it too.

  • Go Gitl!

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