He's married

That I knew he was married when I met him. I knew it when I kisssed him. I knew it when I slept with him. They have been in the lifestyle for a while. They've been swingers. I am not in a place to be in a relationship. I want one some day, but not today. He's going home to see his wife this weekend. I shouldn't care. But I do. I suddenly have feelings where I shouldn't have them. I can't tell him. Nothing good will come of it. But I have feelings where I shouldn't have feelings and no one to tell.

Apr 18, 2016

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  • Thanks for sharing here. Now do yourself a favor and stop dealing with married men. They're fun to deal with at first but are basically unavailable heart breakers. Take care now.

  • She's "being a ho?" So what does that make him??

  • We're not talking to him. He's not here. We're talking to her. She's here.

    Do you mind if we discuss the one and ONLY person whose actions she has control over?... Herself?

  • Go get your own man. You can spin it all you want, but you're being a ho.

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