My wife Linda

Well I am married to a woman who is still a very attractive lady even in her early fifty's and ever since our kids have left home we had s** regularly until all of a sudden I found out that I still wanted s** but I couldn't keep a h****** long enough for Linda to get of so I would go down on her before we had s** to get her off then take my pleasure afterwards.
I learned that I had erectile disfunction and I felt guilty for not being able to please her so I offered to let her go out if she wanted but she refused then after thinking about It I started to fantasize about her with other men I knew that she loved s** but she still refused and it became an obsession to me now so I kept on and she would get mad at me but I couldn't get this out of my mind so one day she looked at me gritting her teeth and said OK but just once god dammit and I want nothing to do about it,
God I almost shot off in my pants and finally I was able to get hard and that night we finally had s** where I lasted long enough for her to get off to.
She would let me question her about what kind of a guy she would choose and she was not interested in a guy with a big c*** and I finally got her to agree to a guy with a 7 or 8 inches so I began reading adult mag,s and in the back there were adds guys put out to pick up women and then I tried the internet and I found hundreds of guys that advertised they wanted s** and some of them asked for Married women so I began to talk to a few of them and we were also meeting guys that had posted ads in the adult mags.
We lived in Oregon on the Coast in the summer times in our Vacation home and Linda would talk to these guys but she always found some reason that they wouldn't do so we kept looking and one guy offered to j******* for her and She watched him without any reaction at all except for telling me to loan him my T-shirt when he came so we wouldn't get his sperm all over our car seat.
Well I was getting tired of this so when I found a guy on the internet that lived in Corvallis and we met him in Bandon I told her that she was going to have to pick a guy or I would so James was a nice guy he was going to College there and had came from some place on Missouri and at first Linda tried to back out but I reminded her that she had promised she only whispered Larry I am old enough to be his Mother dammit .
But James did not seam to care he was looking her over like she was a prime rib and I had caught her glancing at him several times so she said I am not going to enjoy this Larry but she didn't agrue when I said I am going to rent a room and it is time you delivered Linda and James sat there looking back and forth as we quietly argued and I forgot to mention at every meeting Linda had worn a lone ranger type of mask because she didn't want to be recognized and he Left his car at the beach where we had met and he sat beside Linda as she perched on the consul as I drove to the motel just outside of Bandon and it looked like a Muslim guy was in the office as I registered and he glanced out side several times and I am sure that he had figured out what was going to happen but he was quiet .
I opened the Motel door but Linda was staring straight ahead and whispered B****** as I took her hand and led her into the room James was very excited and he hurriedly undressed his c*** was all swollen now but Linda refused to even look at him and when I told her to undress she gave me a dirty look and only pulled her panty's off and said this is all you need to do it but I took her blouse and pulled it over her head and she reluctantly raised her hands for me to pull it over her head .
She glared at me as I reached behind her and unfastened her bra and even at her age her b****** only sagged a little bit and James watched almost slobbering as I unbuttoned her skirt and then unzipped it and it fell to the floor .
Linda slowly climbed up on the bed and I told him you better finger a bit first so he pushed her back and eagerly began to force his fingers into her and Linda stared at the ceiling refusing to respond to him but I knew her and she really loves s** so I told him kiss her and he did at first Linda just clamped her mouth tight but in just a little while she relaxed and opened her mouth and her body began to responded to him and her arms circled his back and she began to hunch his fingers so I said go ahead and f*** her Jim and he rolled on top of her and Linda groaned but opened her legs for him and he grabbed his c*** trying to get it in her but he couldn't manage it laying on top of her so Linda said here let me do it and her hand slipped between them and I saw her fingers circle his c*** then she gasped and arched her body off the bed as he impaled her and then the poor kid must have not been laid in awhile because he began to f*** her like a rabbit and Linda tried to match his strokes but he was to fast and in less than a minute he came grunting like he was in pain and Linda groaned in disappointment and said roll him over on his back and ride him babe and she did then she was into it now and she threw her leg over his hip and grabbed his semi hard c*** and she lowered herself down onto it then with her hands on his chest she began riding his d*** so that it rubbed her c*** breathing harshly and making garbled sounds in her throat .
Then with her right hand she began to rub her clitty as her body slid up and down his shaft moaning loudly and the smell of their s** was almost intoxicating now as she feverishly f***** him she came very loudly then without stopping she rode his c*** to a second o***** before she fell forward onto him and she kissed him sucking on his tongue totally ignoring my presence.
I watched this was much more than I expected and my c*** was hard now to so I began stroking it Linda was off him now and she was stroking his c*** with her hand lovingly and then she sucked him into her mouth sucking on his c*** and with him being a young guy his c*** began to respond and soon Linda was on her back with him in between her legs f****** like newly weds and Jim must have had a healthy prostate Because he came a second time and without loosing his h****** he kept f****** and by now Linda was really into it and she came twice in a very short time and it took Jim a long time to c** again but he did and Linda laid on her back looking up at him and she started laughing and he still had his d*** in her his face was flushed and his body was covered in beads of sweat and Linda was also soaked with perspiration her hair was hanging in her face and her lipstick was smeared all over she stopped laughing still breathing harshly and gaped out Whew god I haven't been laid like that in years and started to laugh again.
We talked for a long time and James finally let his c*** slip out of her and they showered together and Linda tried to suck him hard again but he would get half hard then it would go limp on him so we dressed and we took him back to his car and Lind gave him a long kiss and patted his ass then she got back into the car with me and I said OK thank you that was fantastic and she yes you really looked like you were having a good time then she smiled and said it really was and I said I guess you want to stop now huh and she bit her lip for awhile then she asked do you still have his contact # maybe I don't want to stop now.

Dec 1, 2019

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