My young sister

One night i was waking past my sister room i seen her laying face down with her ass uncovered she didn't have much of one but what she had was nice . So i winted in to her room i rubbed her ass and siad her name and she didn't move so i got on top of her i spread her but and spit on her ass hole thin on my d*** i line up my d*** and stuck it in her ass i got it hafway in she made a squeaking noises . I pushed in even harder it wint all the way in she arched back and criyed out in pane i put my hand on her back to hold her down after a fue minutes of f****** her ass she stopped trying to get free and just laeyed there crying by the time i nutted in her she had stopped crying and even had go off to . I laeyed on he for a bit i got up and ran to my room win i got there i fealt bad win i seen my d*** covered in blood the next day she was walking funny and wouldn't look at me the day after that everything was back to normal 2 day after that we was getting ready to go to bed she flash me her ass thin stuck her tung out at me she whint to bed i waked past her room and seen she was asleep this time she was on her back and complete uncovered and she was sexy for 11 i started playing with her p**** i got my d*** in her p**** she woke up hugged me and kiss me and said that doesn't make me hurt i f*** her for real long time win i c** in her she asked me to only do her p****



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  • I made my 10 year old sister suck mine and my friends c*** as my dad watched on

  • You should try her Uther openings

  • Then you woke up

  • Learn to spell you moron.

  • Hahaha! So fake it's actually funny! :P

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