A weekend to remember

My wife and I were out on our pontoon boat with the kids and her step sister, Her step sister is not super hot but has a great body, Tall and stacked. We docked the boat at a friends cabin and the kids took off up the hill to the cabin, My wife got off the boat and I was tying up to the dock, For whatever reason my SIL decided to go over the rail instead of waiting for me to move from kneeling by the door.
Next thing I know the boat is pushing away from the dock at the back and I hear her scream, She had flipped one leg over the rail onto the dock and admitted later that she was trying to do it quickly while I was facing the other way, She got one foot on the dock and her other foot got caught on the rail of the boat, I turned around as she fell and grabbed the rail of the boat. I went to grab her but she was...exposing some stuff, I turned away and the boat foated away on a 45 degree angle to the dock and thats where it stopped since I had the motor down as I was going to check fluids.
My wife jumped onto the boat and tried helping her sister then told me to help, My SIL was wearing a...Coverup or wrap or whatever you want to call it and a bikini top but had taken her bottoms off being one of the side ties had broken earlier in the day.
My wife is 40 and her step sister is 26 so there is a large age gap between me and her, My wife yelled at me to jump in the water and help her, I jumped in and her sister was trying to cover her vag with one hand, Hold the rail with the other and not break her leg, My wife was telling her to grab the rail with both hands and she did, she was in obvious pain and the embarrassment was taking second priority, I splashed up to her and her pu$$y was spread wide open, She has a beautiful pu$$y, hair trimmed short, Nice and pink with big pink lips, Her t!ts were both hanging out the side of her bikini top with big areolae like a coffee mug and big meaty n!pples.
I put my arms under her and lifted her up but my wife couldn't get her leg free, I was taking in the full view of her pu$$y and t!ts, My wife said to lift her higher so I put one hand right on her a$$ and lifted, My wife pulled her foot and my hand slipped and one finger went right in the crack of her a$$, I lifted higher and thought I just pressed my finger against her bum hole and she was clenching her cheeks, My SIL's eyes got wide and she arched her back, My wife got her foot free and I let her down, my wife ran around to the dock and I set her down and said "Sorry, My hand slipped", I was holding her up and she had her eyes closed, She was like massaging her forehead and kept clearing her throat then said "It's..It's fine...I just didn't expect to ever have my BIL finger my a$$".
It was all I could do to not laugh but I said "Oh god, I don't think it went in", She said "Uuuhh yeah, Right in", I said "Oh geez I am sorry", I held her up while she fixed her top and got her big b**** tucked away and hidden then we turned to face the dock and I walked her over and helped her up. We normally get along really well but it took a few drinks and a little time before she "Loosened up" and started joking about it, After supper we got back on the boat and she was much more careful, We headed back to our campground and had a fire and some drinks, Her and the wife were getting pretty loose and she told my wife what had happened. I thought my wife was going to pee her pants laughing and then she said "You used hand sanitizer right?", I laughed and assured her I did.
When we went to bed my wife said "so...You had an eventful day huh??", I just chuckled and my wife slid her hand under the covers, She looked at me and said "What are you thinking about?", I said "Nothing", She said "Fingering my sisters bum?", I laughed and said "NO", she said "Thinking about her s*****?", I said "Oh good lord", She said "It's ok, I understand...You're a man" and slid under the covers, I quietly nailed my wife trying not to get too wild but the next day she said her sister mentioned the trailer shaking (She was on the foldout couch), Haha, Oh well, I enjoyed the day anyway.

Dec 5, 2019

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  • I love an unexpected P and B flash.

  • Oh wow!

    If I was your wife I would have invited the SIL into bed. I love watching my hubby f*** other women. He has a 8 inch c*** and it drives women wild when they get their cervix knocked into next week.

  • Stuff like that is HELARIOUS. I'm jealous of your sister-in-law.

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