Happy and Fulfilled

I'm my own woman, 37, single and successful. I like to be a vixen in tan pantyhose. It makes me feel so smooth, sheer and sexy. I like to submit to confident men, although I select them first! My favorite fore play is to wear nothing but pantyhose and seduce the brains out of the men I choose, then insist they spank my pantyhosed ass. I love a face-down open hand spanking and the slapping sound on my sheer hosed ass. They get pretty exited and so do I.
My p**** gets pretty wet during the spanking and I turn into a submissive willing to please. My man gets whatever he wants, if he takes it; sucking, 69, p****, or ass I go total submissive slave girl. Of course I bottom for his hardest thrusts and love to hear him so turned-on. I always have them pull out and c** on my pantyhose. I especially love c** on my pantyhosed ass! These naughty fellows are always happy to participate. Sometimes I wear the pantyhose to work with stiff s**** stains on my ass!
Back at work I am a good manager and my employees have no idea(I hope!) that I am a naughty submissive at home! So far I am not ready for a one-man married life. Thanks for understanding.

Dec 15, 2019

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  • Speaking for men everywhere, we understand. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  • You speak great truth here. The give and take between presenting yourself to a man in pantyhose and giving him such great pleasure gives him a feeling of trust, understanding and, of course, great fulfillment and pleasure. It also marks you as a woman of class, style, dignity, confidence and understanding. Thank you! It is nice to know that women of class, taste, and incredible awareness of confidence are still out there!

  • I admire and appreciate you. Thank you for understanding the power of pantyhose, loving submission, and making a man happy while also making yourself happy.

  • Hit me up 38 Sacramento guy

  • Kiladafi916@gmail.com

  • Not often happen to read something like that, my dear.
    I'm a nice 40yo Italian guy, with a deep love, since ever for woman's legs with pantyhose…
    I read your story more and more times and it is so hot and a turning on, thinking at you wearing in pantyhose, thinking at you moving while wearing them..thinkinkg at you in that way for me...
    If you want this is my email pantyhoselover78@gmail.com ...it would be a dream to have the chance to speak with you :)
    a gentle kiss, Marco from Italy

  • I love to spank women and bend over my knee and it gets me so hard,

  • Great story, would spank your ass with my c***.

  • I'm glad you understand the pure power of pantyhose for both fashion and passion. Ladies, you should know that men are your control when you present a sheer leg or sexy butt in pantyhose. I hope the pantyhose trend returns soon. Women will like the attention they get for attractive, classy fashion. Men will appreciate the feminine power and beauty they present!

  • Awesome story -- awesome lifestyle!
    I would like to read more from you!
    I had a related experience in my past which will hopefully be posted here soon under 'embarrassing?'

  • Thanks. I reached that point where I said the h*** with it, I will be open and active with my desires. It makes me feel happy, sexy, fulfilled, and ultimately in control. I am what I am and I like it a lot!

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