Is it a black thing?

Do black guys enjoy f****** white girls in the ass "too much"? I got divorced a few months ago realizing I messed up getting married right out of high school. I promised myself I was going to catch up on all the adventures I missed out on. Especially s**. I have had s** with multiple men, one woman and even had a 3sum.
Well last Friday night I left the club with a black guy. A first, I have never been with a black guy before. I was a little nervous but not because he was black. I am kind of small, like 5-3 if I stand on my tippy toes. He was 6-4 and 250 pounds. I looked like a midget beside him
When we got back to his place I found out his body parts were proportionate to his size. I mean his d*** looked normal on him but it was huge to me. I ended up face down on the bed with him shoving his greased monster in my ass. It was difficult but I took it. I spent the weekend with him, leaving Sunday afternoon. He wore my ass out, literally! In two days he f***** my ass six times. He was always h****. Sunday morning I was in tears begging him to f*** my p**** instead. He was intent on getting one more nut in my ass.
Monday morning I was so sore, walking was torture. I ended up calling in sick to work. He wants to see me again this weekend but I'm still sore. Is this normal? I mean is this like some big turn on for black guys?

Aug 10

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  • You said no, he did it anyway.
    Time to find a man who respects you.

  • Even as a teenage girl I always had a big ass. Like very big. It seemed like all the white boys teased me and thought it was unattractive. But the black boys at school loved it. I ended up dating black guys because they were the only ones interested. And I am also in agreement that black guys seem overly interested in taking a white girl in the ass.

  • Geez. Such class. UNprotected black dvck in your ass. Fvcking disgusting. Ex-husband really dodged a bullet with you didn't he.

  • Unprotected is the only way to take it. Momma ain’t taking her candy unwrapped

  • I agree, black guys very much enjoy f****** white girls in the ass. It is a dominance thing, marking their territory like no one else can. But I can tell you how to switch and get him to wear your p**** out. There is one thing black guys like even more... BREEDING a white girl. With my first black boyfriend I had an issue and had to go off my birth control for a short time. When he found out I was off the birth control and fertile it drove him crazy. He f***** my p**** night and day until he knocked me up!
    My advice. Tell a little white lie. Stay on the birth control but let him think you are not.

  • Agreed. Anything to get that big black c*** inside that p****. Nothing better than getting f***** so hard you feel like he is going to tear it up

  • Sounds like you got one on the down low. Hope u used protection.

  • No.

  • Lucky girl. Toning better than a big black c*** c****** deep inside.

    But it’s even better when they pound the kitty

  • Definitely more so than with white men. I have dated several black men in my life. And a big YES I got f***** in the ass the majority of the time.

  • This is how Monkeypox is spread. Better protect your ass people!

  • Thank you, John Holmes.

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