I hate Hidding I am gay and Cossdress

I am a 50 something man married for a number of years and have begun to hate my male clothing, being straight and really don't like s** with wife anymore and really prefer to have c***. I want to transition and don't know what to do. I dress in woman's clothing when ever I can and wear panties and stockings everyday under my work clothes. My wife has no idea. I love and do not want to hurt her but just don't know what to do except keep hiding it and to myself

Dec 20, 2019

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  • I am in the same boat I am 45 I love anything about dressings up and sucking c*** I wish I could do it full time

  • I'm 40 now, my father discovered my crossdressing at 13. He is the only one who knows. When I crossdress I go by the name Jessica

    A week later I went to him as Jessica on night. He was asleep and I started to suck his c***. He got hard fast, then o felt his hand on my head, and he started saying, Yes like that. Over and over. Finally he came and I swallowed for the first time. That morning he took my a*** virginity c****** in me.

    We layed there and he stroked my hair. He said your such a beautiful girl. After that I started life as a girl fulltime.

    27 years have passed and I'm still Daddy's little girl. At 18, I had breast implants nice 34 B t***. I'm a complete bottom. Dad f**** my boy p**** several times I c** every time from a***.

    I wake him up every morning with oral s**.

    I am so in love with him and how he makes my body feel.

  • This is so familiar to my own position its unreal, the only difference is my wife now knows about "her" as before she just thought it was a sexual kink what she doesn't know is I would rather give a b****** than receive one!
    she knows I wont have full s** with a man after an incident 31years ago this April

  • What happened then?

  • I have the same situation, I am married to a wonderful woman but I wear panties every day and love fully crossdressing and have guys use my mouth and ass for their pleasure. all I want is c*** and c** and have no interest in p**** at all anymore. I love feeling sexy and being used as a s***.

  • It great to know I not alone. how long have you been married?
    have you tried to tell her?

  • Hi I know it’s hard to not get to be who you really are, but on the long run it’s better to be honest with yourself and your wife it’s better to end things on the best note possible and you can be free to be with the ones you want and be who you really want my best wishes for you

  • I don't have much to say other than, I understand. You are not alone in this at all.

  • It's interesting that you believe you are gay as you don't say that you have had a gay relationship yet. Is it that you just love the sensation of wearing feminine clothing which is so silky and sensual or do you want to experience s** with a man?
    I say this because I am a mature she-male and I have boyfriends who love taking a female dressed in feminine lingerie but with the attributes of a male.
    Sweetie, it takes years of cultivation, exercise and grooming to look feminine, let alone practicing walking and voice control. You say you are 50, well at that age it would be very difficult I would imagine to change.
    I suggest that you stay with cross dressing and don't put yourself through that kind of trauma.

  • I just adore cd s. So much I need a gurl and would enjoy wearing stockings and even prom gloves the feeling is super sexy just haven’t had a chance to

  • Dressing like a girl and being a girl i want a coc k in my rear after he's done sucking me

  • I wear panties and stockings everyday under my male clothes, with a thick dark dress shirt I will wear a matching bra. I love being girly in everything I do

  • Same here wearing sexy panties tops garters I love being a girl ..

  • Thank you for your note and information. I en see whee you are coming from. I have had and do some even now have had s** with males.

  • Hang in there ,I’m in the same problem as U Just Keep doing what U like if U get caught , work it out

  • Is it bad I rather have s** with a man then my wife?

  • Hi I love to have gay s** with guys and have been gay for sometime and I also crossdress and wear nylon panties and bras and experienced at enemas.
    Let me know if you are interested. I am in Illinois legg.r034@aol.com

  • Can I e-mail you to chat?

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