Devotion to Trump

I confess that I think President Trump is BY FAR the greatest President we have ever had--BY A VERY WIDE MARGIN! There is LITERALLY nothing that he could do that would turn me against him! He will always have me as his devoted follower NO MATTER WHAT! If he announced tomorrow that he was dissolving congress and declaring himself President for life, I would enthusiastically welcome that! If I was sure that he could be our leader for life, I would TOTALLY support that!!

Dec 21, 2019

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  • George Carlin said it best, "this is a stupid fu-ckin' country!

  • Today, Trump tested negative for the caronavirus.

    Unfortunately, he tested positive for being a complete


  • You are one whopping moron.

  • Typical trump supporter. Unfortunately there are more uneducated idiots in this country now than ever before and they are so stupid they believe the con-man’s lies.
    He’s the best. He’s the smartest. He’ll be your leader. And you’re sick and stupid enough to think it’s great.

  • 90% of Persistent Turnip’s followers are uneducated, and they’re the ones that will be most affected by his budget cuts. So, let the lying-king, con-business dude ruin their lives even more.

  • You're just as f***** up as he is.

  • TRump. The worlds biggest loser. If it wasn’t for his father, tRump would be living in the ghetto on welfare. No that’s not right, he’d be in prison.

  • Oh well they say a fool is born every minute, here is proof.

  • Scary! Quite a master plan the Russians have implemented!

  • Tee hee,, look @ the teenage boy pretending 2 b hard

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