Get up!

I confess that life I beat life in it's own game and liked it. I confess that I beat my addiction because I wanted to and no other reason. If you're ready to go have a blast and go live and beat life before it beats you. I confess that I beat my life

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  • THAT'S THE SPIRIT OP! Be proud of yourself!

  • Concluding that you ARE addicted to some form of Drug , Legal or Otherwise I wish you well . But , Please remember an addiction is Never Beaten , and Never Beaten Easily . Its a Day by Day proposition and requires constant revalution for its very easy to Slip off the Wagon or Replace it with Something Else .

    Just go Day by Day , and consider adding alternate activities as you life progress's . There is no such thing as an Ex addict . Also , never think that Script alternatives , and " Happy " Pills are Okey and essential . You have taken a Major Step , Just keep it going .

    Day by Day By Day ..Good Luck .

  • My addiction is p***,how do you feel about that,am i a winner or loser.why did i speak the truth.or am i lying to i lying.

  • I wish it was that simple.

  • Congratulations! It's not easy to beat an addiction of any nature, and you should be proud of that. Well done!

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