Gay video chat

I'm a straight male, but when it comes to jerking off I like to do it with someone else. I recently discovered a gay video chat site and when I'm h**** I tend to go there and jerkoff with other men.

Note that I am not attracted to gay men in an emotional way, I would describe it as a fetish to jerkoff with men, complimenting me on my d*** and telling me that they wish to suck on it.

I like the feeling of adrenaline I get when a gay guy tells me he wants my c*** so bad, I think I like the compliments and attention since I don't really get that much, as of late.

Am I the only one who also does this and feels this way?

Dec 22, 2019

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  • I’m straight but curious I would love to do that. I play on snap sometimes. I love when they compliment my ass and c***. I love to see a man with a nice ass. I also love to have phone s** and m********* together. I always make them c**.

  • I would also m********* to videos as well and I had never thought about being with a man until one day I was caught in my Panties and Bra by my Father in-law, he asked if he could touch me and I said no but he insisted so fearing he would tell my wife my secret I said he could only touch the panties. well he touched the sides and my butt for a few minuets and then before I knew it he was in the front touching me and well one thing led to another and the next thing I knew I was coming in his mouth. I still watch videos but sometimes hope to get caught again.

  • I DO THE SAME HOWEVER I am a crossdresser and bi sexually but not on an emotional side

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