Three shop assistant fannys !!!

I think about three local shop assistants constantly !
Ash is a 32 year old Indian with a lovely a*** and nice t***. Ash is a Sikh which I believe means she doesn't shave !
Her f**** is covered in a jet black curly carpet of glossy pubes.
Looking at her sideburns on her brown face tells me what's between her legs.
Ash I want to f*** you !!!

The other lady has grey hair and has told me recently she is 50years old she manages a hair salon.
I find it s turn on not knowing what colour her c*** hair is
( I know pubes don't go grey).

My barmaid Holly has red hair so probably ginger. Pubes too.
I wonder if she'll tell me if I ask.

Would love to sniff all three ladies c**** and bury my face between their legs.

Dec 22, 2019

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  • Wow! You can bury your face in my Bush sweetheart

    Oh by the way pubes can go grey

  • It is lovely to bury face on a thick bush of any mature woman - the softness, smell and finding out the slit - a great fun as part of foreplay before f****** her.

  • I luv showing pics of my wifes hairy f****

  • Describe your wife. How old ?
    Hair colour upstairs and downstairs ?
    T** size ?

  • Agreed. That's why take my mum's knickers often and sniff them with her pubes between my lips while I w*** looking at her through the keyhole in her bedroom door.
    I can see the whole room.
    I look at her droopy 34B t*** and her thick brown triangle of pubic hairs and take in that smell from her knickers.
    I'd love to lay her on her back and f*** her but know that won't happen.
    She's got a lovely white bum too with hairs from her pubic triangle right between her legs to her bum.hole.
    I'm hard now thinking about her.
    No doubt I'll see her hairy f**** again tonight and have another w*** over my mum !

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