Closet sissy

I so love dressing in any type lingerie. I started around age ten with just ** and I just couldn’t stop. I used to steal lingerie items from my friends sisters so I could have ** and bras to wear when I was home alone. After high school I bought my first pink baby doll. I was in heaven. Yet that desire kept growing so I had to buy more. I’ve learned how to wear lingerie underneath my clothes all my life and believe I got away with it. Still today this desire still grows and I so want to be caught so bad . It the first open so-called confession I’ve ever done and feels good. Hopefully one day someone will call me out for this sissy wantabe I’ve desired so long.

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  • You can be my sissy. Or we can both be sissies. Up to you.

  • I too am a sissy crossdressing gurly boi.. YEP a ** sissy ** and I LOVE IT .. I am closeted and married but I dress almost every day . I have more female clothes and heels than I do mens clothes and shoes. YES I am A SISSY GURL and To top it all off I LOVE ** OHH GOD I LOVE ** and ** and being ** .. I am a Proud sissy gurl. seanette55 @ outlook . com Buffalo/Tonawanda, NY 14150 Sean Carey

  • Last night our family sat around in the den. The TV was on. My wife was reading to our 8yo son who was sitting beside her in a skirt. He's been playing dressups all his life and would come into the room in a dress or skirt and twirl. Each morning he puts on his boy school uniform and is out the door with a footie and his school bag. He and his friends meet at a local park near the school and kick the ball because the school wont let them play rough games.

    I am so thankful that in this regard society is becoming more relaxed about gender issues. My wife has no idea how much I wished I could dress up like that.

    I also hope the outcome of the black lives matter demonstrations will be a demilitarisation of the police force and a respect by people of all people no matter how different aor how much they cant relate but just go with it.

  • We are all different but the same. With no internet when I was a kid, I thought I was weird. So the first thing I would like to say is you are OK. You are human.

    So I am a bit different. I like the feel of the womens clothes. Smooth. Tight. Silky. I like tights & nighties. I am not attracted to wearing a bra or heels but hay that's me and you are you.

    So know you are a person. You are OK. Love and live life.

    I hope and pray that the world will become a more accepting place. I look forward to the day when Black people in America are not targeted by whites. I look forward to the day when Muslims don't feel the need to kill. I look forward to the day when boys can wear skirts.

  • I too love dressing in bras knickers and pantyhose. Wear a nightie every night. I have loads of dresses and high heels I wear at home. I so want to come out to someone and be a real sissy.


  • You sound very nice

  • Be careful who you tell.

    my mom was open minded and supportive. After she found me out, she washed my girly clothes and bought me more. likewise my dad was totally non judgemental. I was both very boy and enjoyed the girl stuff. By that I mean, I did lots of traditional boy stuff - play soccer, climb trees, rode my bike, tried smoking, had the occasional fist fight. I actually never considered a gender change. I did wish that boys could wear girls clothes. As it was growing up in the 1970's, boys wore short shorts and singlet tops so in a way I could get away with dressing like this without being too abnormal. I guess I used to wear my shorts and singlet tops a size too small. At night I would wear a nightie and sometimes in the day if I was wearing long pants I would wear tights under them. Even when really little though I knew not to show this in public. I guess I did wish that I could wear a dress in public and mom, bless her, bought me one and offered to take me someplace where no one would recognise me. I was too chicken. The dress hung in my wardrobe for years and I used to take it out and wear it in my room, wishing I could wear it out but not having the guts.

    Fast forward to marriage and my wife was not open like my mom but I found this out too late. She figured I was somehow broken and had to be fixed. So she arranged visits to psychologists. She would not engage in any conversations. She would not let me run my hands over her when she was wearing slinky girls clothes. If I wanted ** it became for me to just say I would like ** and she would strip naked and I was to run my hands over her. She said I needed to program my brain to be aroused by the touch of her skin. Finally she gave up and we divorced. So judgemental.

  • I'd say you are completely normal. Be who you need to be and don't let other people's expectations rule your life.

  • You are a naughty girl, but it's lovely isn't it. I remember when I started wearing girly clothes feeling the silky naughtiness and my **. I remember part of the excitement was of being caught!!
    However, don't get caught, come out as the female you really want to be, it's wonderful, I know because I've done it!!

  • ** closet weirdos the pair of you. Ugh ! You are sick.

  • You ignorant TROLL, you have no idea what [pleasure you are missing!!

    Now, I'm going to post my message thanking the person above a telling of my lovely life.
    Signed Jasmine

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