I love bullying

I love bullying because I love seeing worthless b****** get beaten up one day at school this little nerd tripped me up so I basically threw his glasses on the ground and mocked him then I pushed him over and spat on that little f****** waste of air worm hording s*******

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  • I love watching news reports of school shootings. All the popularity in the world can't stop a bullet. Popular kids and normies get a tiny little taste of what life is like for the bullied, and oh dear god they can NOT handle it. At ALL. Just because it's not fashionable to go on the news anymore doesn't mean it stopped happening. When the bullied becomes the predator, watch out. Lol, why do I even say that? It's not like you'll see it coming.

  • I can only imagine that your abusive daddy and maybe even manipulative mommy must be proud of you. All the beatings they gave you, and now you're applying what you've learned. For extra brownie points, you should blame your parents every chance you get when you get caught, or when somebody decides to enact justice toward you. I imagine that such would go wonderfully well as they call and tell you to grow the f*** up.

  • You should probably end your life. We dont need people like you in this world.

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