I hate religions

I bully people because they believe in this dumbass god in the sky but no he's not f****** real is he? Gullible f****** twats

Dec 27, 2019

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  • God is real moron. You will cancer in two months from now

  • Typical Christian! Go eat s**t & bark at the moon.

  • Or you could just leave them the f*** alone until they try to shove those beliefs down your throat. Then it's justified. Your way adds fuel to their "bawww, we're like SO persecuted" narrative. That same narrative comes off sounding really lame when they're the ones who fire the first shot. Just wait until the ones who need bullying start up with the "Good News" bullshit, they "can't" help themselves. (Protip: Yes they can. That's why you're allowed to bully them.) Then your victory will be sweeter and they will look even dumber. Leave the decent MYOB ones alone, yes they are out there!

  • Only a self-centered idiot would choose not to believe in God. If that’s what you choose, you better hope to h*** you’re right.

  • Your mom's sweet a r s e h o l e is real.
    God yes its real, as I lick it and probe it deep with my tongue.
    She loves it.
    Right dirty cow your mom is!

  • I am amazed how important religion is to those who don't believe.

  • *I* am amazed how important the state of a random person's soul is to those who DO (claim to) believe.

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