Materialistic people

I can't stand materialistic people. I have a relative who stayed in her marriage for years while her husband cheated on her constantly just so she wouldn't loose her house, her car & way of life. WTF? I can't stand people who constantly chastise their children for not making enough money even though they're doing the best they can. I can't stand people who tell me to marry for security or to marry rich. Is this what our society has become? Am I just crazy? WTF doesn't anyone value happiness, natural beauty and love anymore?

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  • Money and Lifestyle are extremely important , and Really the most important thing in life , any FOOL can Spend Money , those that have the ability to Create and make money contribute far more to Society ..REMEMBER , there is no Social Welfare without " Tax " , there is " No Tax " without ecconomic creation .

    Set about making yourself a better person , Watch your Language eg: Why Necessary to Use WTF ? , remember poor speach is only for those who dont have the ability to communicate effectively . Never Ever Be concerned about " Marrying for Love " ..This is nonsense , in an absolute form , Why do you think the divorce rate is 50 % ? , Family must always come first , and Men will Rarely have just 1 on going partner , there are Higher Levels .

    Mix with the Best , Present yourself at your Best , and always make as Much money as you possibly can , and keep your associations at High Quality only , be articulate , and Educate yourself as much as you Can ..DONT be Dagged down by the Lower Classes .

    Money Really Really Matters ..Its very easy to be just Poor Broke Scum . Think with Logic , Be the best you can .
    Good Luck .

  • You are definitely Jewish. Sieg Heil!

  • Yes, you are right. I think marriage should be based on love above all else. Or am I wrong? Maybe happiness, whatever that is. Although, it's not the greatest feeling when you're poor. Have you ever had NO money to even buy a can of beans?

  • Marrying for love is actually a very new concept historically. Most marriages have been in the interest of money, or family ties, etc. I think you should marry for whatever reason you feel like, not just romantic ones. As long as you are upfront and honest with your spouse.

  • You must be Jewish.

  • Same. My sister went into major debt with her husband so they could be big fish in a small pond. They're spending money they don't have banking on him becoming a politician. It's so stupid. What's sad is my niece thinks they're gods and won't listen to anyone for advice. Truth is they'll be 60 yrs old and have 6 figure debts.

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