I REALLY hate my boss.

She opened a shop and I agreed to help her. She is so stupid, and shallow I can barely stand it. She has no idea what she is doing, and is the most spoiled and ungrateful person I ever met. She complains about having to pay people, and tries to get us all to do free work constantly, if we do, she doesn't even say thank you. She eats like a pig, then whines about not being able to lose weight. Her voice is like a whiny child. She doesn't clean up after herself and comes to work in short skirts with no underwear, then doesn't cross her legs. So I get flashes of her fat stubbly s***** all day. She is extremely lazy, and whenever I try to communicate with her, she won't look at me, just scrolls instagram or starts texting. I hate her so much it is keeping me up at night. I find myself wishing something bad to happen to her. Like a kharma kind of thing. I wish I had the financial freedom to tell her off. She is so vapid and useless and disgusting, but the worst adt is, she constantly snobs me and tries to make me feel inferior to her. Which doesn't work, but the fact that she values people based on their wealth or their tan, and not their actual contributions to society jusst grosses me out. I hate her so much, it keeps me up at night.

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  • He also takes the tons of toxic chemicals we use and dumps them on the ground behind the shop. We are by a river and the ground water has been contaminated enough that neghbors horses have died. He also has had oil spills on blm land and just covered it up with dirt. He has paid bribes to get jobs overseas but then when the details get too much for his feeble little brain he just throws it in someone else's lap and walks away. We have to pull off our work to make parts for his other company and ties up all of our time and then gets p***** that we didn't get the work done we needed to do. He buys equipment because he thinks it is cool even though we tell him we don't need it or can't use it. Then he gets p***** that it isn't running and acts like I should run this new machine 24 7 even though i won't get overtime. He is a big pile of s***. I don't know why owning a business means that you have to be an a****** but I sure wish I could own a shop i would take care of my employees very well and run it like it was a business not a half assed hobby. Any way sorry lol big comments

  • I completely know what your talking about. My dad and I helped start a machine shop for our boss and he is exactly the same way. He thinks he is better than everyone else because he goes to church but every couple weeks we end up with a virus on the network because he spends hours looking at and jerking off to p***. Tons of p***. He is a psychopath he thinks any idea he has is the smartest thing in the world. He has no idea what we make or how it gets made. He hates paying his employees and always figures out some way to s**** them. If you work for free he promises to make it up to you but then says he never agreed to it. He has been sued by countless suppliers not because he didn't have money to pay the bills but because he doesn't want to pay them and loves having control over other people. He is a disgusting obese pig. He ebezzles money from the shop and illegally cooks his books to not pay any taxes then botched that he has to pay taxes even though he doesn't. The company buys all of his motorcycles campers boats house improvements his daughters wedding a new play ground for his grandkids and it all gets written off as a business expense. He has a hobby company that our company pays for. It has sucked millions from our shop and in 12 years has never made a profit. Right now they are saying they are having money problems because things are slow so no one gets overtime but he just spent tens of thousands of dollars on scrap junk that no one else wanted and now has to spend tens of thousands more to repair it all into barely working condition. He has worthless employees that drive drunk and crash the company vehicles but they don't get fired they get pay raises and he buys their groceries and pays their bills because they work for their s*** buisiness yet if I ask for a raise he asks like I kicked him in the b****. If you try to tell him a better way to do something he throws temper tantrums like a damn 2 year old and throws s*** around the room

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