I Hate Vancouver

After years of living here, I've realized that I hate this city, it's attitudes, it's art, music and culture. I wish that the people I've met over the last dozen years, minus a handful of exceptions, weren't totally and completely useless and self-absorbed. They are all so miserable that the only thing they can muster up to make themselves feel important is a common ground of gossip and hate towards one another. I find it tragic and sad and depressing and unsupportive. The vapid self delusions here are, at best, a heinous mockery of anything that can resemble value or care towards others. F*** you, Vancouver. If it weren't for the couple of people I love here, I'd leave.

Jan 8, 2020

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  • Why do people want to move here! As I heard it is a sought out after city! Your money basically goes to the rich corrupt white man.

    One day hopefully it will be against the law to charge 2 grand especially on a studio. Studios should definitely be capped at 7- 800 /month for the amount of space you are given. Such a joke! Yaaaaay let's move to Vancouver and get robbed for living in a box! Might as well buy a van and park it somewhere. You need 4 f****** husbands to make ends meet here. DONT MOVE TO VAN!!!

    GREEDY F***** CITY!

  • I hate Vancouver too. You would think after a pandemic, they would lower their cost of living. Who in the f*** wants to spend 2-3000 a month for a 400 sq/ft apartment? It is highway robbery and criminal! How can you afford to have a child? Because a 1 bedroom is well over 2 grand/month. They should start capping the rent! Shame on this city! It is shameful for the young and old. Vancouver is a piece of s***. Tower city :) That is all that it is.

  • Trudeau is a f******, f*****, communist piec of s***, he’s destroying Canada for the BLM monkeys to take over

  • Same for all libturd-run cities. They are always s***.

  • Sounds from your descriptions of Vancouver that all is lost. Yet you found a couple nice friends. Might be time to look deep within yourself and build/network more positive relations. I have felt this way before, mine was Portland, but realized I needed to relax and seek positivity. Keep trying friend, or every city will appear just like Vancouver does to you.

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