I am so bad

I met my BF in college, We hooked up first night, We had an all out bang fest for like a week, Just every time we were alone and sometimes when we weren't alone but thought we could be sneaky. We were dating for about a month or so and I had gone to his friends place to meet him, His car broke down and that left me alone with his friend, Well as it happened his friend and I hooked up on his couch and never told my BF.
Things were going good and everything was running smooth for about 6 months when his friend that I was with started dating a friend of mine which meant we spent even more time together, My friend is pretty wild and up for anything, She is quite a party girl and is also an exhibitionist, She seldom wears any underwear and gets off on letting guys see up a short skirt or down a loose shirt. I know about it and don't care, She has gotten around and that's fine but I don't tell any guys she is with who else she has been with or how many guys. I know she has done stuff outside my comfort zone which is totally up to her what she is into or not into but one night when my BF was out of town for a week the three of us went to a party together and back to her BF's place and...They started in front of me.
We got back to his place and started a movie and right away she had her hands in his pants, then the pants came off and he was sitting between us so there was no...Buffer zone...I was trying to pretend I wasn't looking but hey...I'm a girl...and there was a d*** right there...I had to look. Well as luck would have it she caught me looking and said "You like?". She didn't know me and him had been together but I looked at him and he just put his hand on my head and pulled me to his d***, Me and her started doing it together and...Next thing I know I am all sweaty, Naked and had just been with my first girl.
I ma quite sure my BF would love the idea...If it had been him, They both offered for her and me to be with him to...Even things out but how do I do that without telling him I already did it with them AND...They want to keep doing it, It has been three times now and I still haven't told my BF.

Jan 8, 2020

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