Dad uses my undies

A month ago I came home and I was shocked to find my own Father laying on my bed sniffing a pair of my dirty panties while masturbating. Moaning and saying how good Daddies little girls p**** smells and tastes and to sit on Daddies face like a good little girl.
Well I was so shocked and could not look him in the face.
Then the same thing happened again today.
He was sniffing a blue lace thong of mine that I had worn all day and all night in bed while masturbating his rather quite big very hard c***.
I was shocked but carried on watching. Thinking why?
But I was even more shocked when I realised I was becoming aroused and actually getting wet between my legs watching my own father m*********.
I crept into the bathroom and immediately started to m********* and it only took a few seconds for me to c** into my undies.
I carried on picturing my own fathers c*** and i came twice more making my panties really sticky and creamy. Just for you Daddy I thought.
I still feel guilty but are there any other girls who have masturbated over their own fathers? Or are their any girls who have caught their own Dads sniffing their daughters dirty panties? Or are you a naughty Dad that sniffs his own daughters dirty panties while masturbating?

Jan 10, 2020

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  • Do you want to f***

  • I f*** my sons big d***

  • If I were a young girl, I could make a fortune selling my dirty panties. 🤔💦

  • Can i have a pair of yours

  • Can i have a pair of your panties im a boy ilove girls panties can i have your panties

  • More dads sniff their daughters panties while fantasizing about them. I loved doing so. Especially after I peeked on her naked.

  • It's not naughty it's natural.
    I sniff my sixteen year olds daughters knickers all.the time while wanking
    Can't beat that fresh smell of pee, sweat and the odd skid mark.
    One day some lucky bloke is going to f*** her !

  • I'm a fifty seven year old dad called Steve. My daughter is thirteen and a redhead.
    I sniff her knickers every day when she comes in from school.and the bath.
    I just adore that fresh smell of her young f**** and all that she has secreted during the day.
    I get hard seeing her pubes too.
    That young hairy unfucked f**** !
    I'd never touch my girl but I will admit
    " acidendentally" walking in to the unlocked bathroom recently because I just had to see her naked.
    I wanted to see her t*** and how hairy her f**** was.
    I saw her full frontal, her f**** crack ,her pubes and her t***.
    I had a good look.said " Oops sorry ! "
    and left the bathroom..
    She thought it funny and laughed
    " It's ok daddy ".
    I'll probably do it again in s few years.

  • How old are you it's just natural itsmells amazing

  • Good girls should always sit on daddys face nude

  • Yes

  • Only my sisters,if u want to no more let me no.

  • Do tell more....

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