Long Vacation Nights

So last year I went skiing with my dad, sister, halfsister and his wife.
I was very anxious about this vacation because I knew I would sleep in the same room as my halfsister and sister.

I was anxious about it because I m********* every single night when i'm in bed at home.(i can't sleep without masturbating first) And I have a weird way of masturbating. When I m********* I tend to think about someone I know and part of the fantasy is that I experience them knowing that I'm masturbating to them, and them responding.
I had a roommate that used to respond by moaning from the room next to me when i was masturbating about her in this way at night. its like she knew i was thinking about her. it was almost like a shared hallucination of us having s**. and it was lovely.

Anyways I was just hoping I could just turn it off for the holiday. Luckily there was 1 bed that was a ways away from the other beds. I immediately dibsed the solo bed hoping that that would make things a bit more bearable.

but night inevitably came and all my sexually trained brain went straight to s** when the lights went out. I was really trying so hard to not think about it. thinking of other stuff to avoid the s** topic made me lose alot of sleep. but after 1.5-2 hours i was confident the girls were asleep so i decided its okay for me to think about s** to help me sleep.

so i was going about my s*** but suddenly I heard movement from the other bed. turns out my halfsister was not asleep yet. (or pretended to sleep idk) I was so sleep deprived I just wanted to soothe my brain with the sexual thoughts so i could sleep. Just trying to think of unrelated things, like past sexual experiences or girls i want to hook up with, the general stuff. yet she started masturbating and moaning when I thought about those things. the more i thought about s** the louder she masturbated and moaned. Now that she was masturbating i could not divert my fantasies away from her. i tried not to but it was just so hard to resist. Me thinking about her quickly resonated with her and she came almost immediately.

So, I experienced my halfsister c******. this was the very thing i was trying to avoid and it happened anyways. The rest of the nights were no different, we started to really interact and i'm sad to say that it was really hot. vivid halucinations us f******. my d*** slowly sliding inside of her p****, eating her out, 69ing, everything really. we came at the same time a couple of times.

We masturbated to each other for hours that holiday. And during the daytimes I noticed she would seek out my physical contact more and more over the days. I responded minimally because getting physical goes too far for me. This whole experience has gone too far already. I think I will avoid going with them on the next vacation.

Dec 27, 2020

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  • How did you dispose of your j*** ? The smell would be very incriminating in such close quarters.

  • Have s** with her

  • Do I really care?

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