I can’t remember

I am a mother of two boys and a good husband
I need to tell someone.
Last month out company xmas party was on a Thursday night
My husband had to work
So i went alone.
I got drunk too drunk and called my son to pick me up.
He was 18 a senior in high school.
He couldn’t come cause he had a basketball game and they was staying at a friends house.
So he called one of his other friends Mike. To come get me.
By the time i got home i can remember pulling in drive with him . Mike helps me into house.
And little bits and parts.
I remember him pulling my shoes off and thanking him.
I remember him asking where my sons bedroom was.
Idk why he didn’t take me to mine.
I remember walking up stairs with my arm around his neck.
Setting me on the bed.
Then it gets real fuzzy
I remember him pulling my bra off.
Or bits of it.
Then he was breathing hard.
I know now he was f****** me.
I woke at 5 am with c** on my inner legs my naked
On my sons bed.
Mike was gone
I went down and shower and got in bed.
My husband got home at 7 am
I know he took advantage of me
But part of me wants to remember
And part of me is turned on by it.


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  • If Mike tells your son and shows him the photos of you getting f***** in his bed. Your son will want some of you, too.
    If Mike tells other friends, he might blackmail you into all kinds of sexy situations.
    You lucky mommy. You’re in for some good fun in the sack.

  • Invite him at your home when no body is around and confront him about what he did to you. If he confesses, and if you want to f*** him, go ahead. A young hard c*** plowing your p**** is always enjoyable.

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